Dr. Bunsen Honeyduck (and Anna Tiger, too) (TB4-D74)

Dr. Bunsen Honeyduck’s page

Goal:  To reunite with his lab assistant Beaker42, last seen in Japan.

Bio:  Shortly after Team-Ducky started geocaching, a dear friend of theirs saw their postings and decided to also give this new hobby a try.  Beaker42 was born.  Unfortunately, Beaker42 and his youngest daughter, Anna Tiger, live on the other side of the globe in Japan.  Since we can’t all cache together, we thought we’d travel bug together.  Beaker42 has released a travel bug that is trying to make it to Team-Ducky in New York.  Team-Ducky has now released Dr. Bunsen Honeyduck to try and reach them in Japan.

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