Maori Ducky (TB8 – D143)

Maori Ducky’s page

Goal:  Maori Ducky is trying to get to our geocaching on-line buddies,            Annie & PB, in South Island, New Zealand.

Bio: Maori Ducky was created by Chef Ducky, inspired by the art and language of the Maori people, the indigenous people of New Zealand.  Team-Ducky has never been to New Zealand, but it is on their list of places to visit.  Team-Ducky and Annie & PB have never met.  They know each another through an on-line photo group and through their blogs.  Annie & PB are sending Team-Ducky a ducky themed travel bug as well.  We’re waiting to see which gets to its destination first.

New Zealand or Bust!

The tracking number for Maori Ducky actually belongs to our Inukshuk geocoin, so the symbol of the ducky is an Inukshuk (actually an Inunnguaq).

Actually an Innunguaq (and actually two of them.)

The same symbol is on the back of Maori Ducky’s head.

The Inukshuk and the Inunnguaq are symbols from the indigenous peoples of the Arctic Circle, so using that number for Maori Ducky seemed a good pairing.

Maori Ducky and Inukshuk Geocoin

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