UU Jester

  • Secret Identity: Craig Schwalenberg
  • Vocation: Minister (Unitarian Universalist)
  • A.K.A.: Semantics Man, Schwally, Uncle Bumble, Rev. Craig, and other words not printable here.

Chef Ducky

  • Secret Identity: Cheryl DeDecker
  • Vocation: Counselor
  • A.K.A.: The Cheryl, Hostess with the Mostess. Profile
UU-Jester and Chef Ducky, together, make up Team-Ducky. We were introduced to this hobby by our great friend, Meowelk, two years ago while visiting her in NM. We failed to find that first cache, but we think that is because someone stole the books the puzzle pieces were hidden in. We were undaunted by this rocky start, but didn’t have the time or the equipment to take the hobby up ourselves.

Last summer, we upgraded to iPhones and moved across country to upstate NY. Once we discovered the GPS function on the iPhones and the geocahing applications for it, we dove in. UU-Jester is a bit more “focused” (obsessed) with the new hobby then Chef Ducky, but that is the usual way with these things. We now have our custom Team-Ducky ducks for leaving in the caches. Keep your eyes open for them. (If you take one, drop us a note. If you drop one off in another cache, let us know. We like to keep track of them.)

If you are in the upstate NY area and would like to make contact with Team-Ducky, just drop us a line. We are always looking to meet more people and possibly make new friends.

Don’t Forget the Hyphen!
It is very important when looking for or writing about us that you use the hyphenated name, Team-Ducky. Otherwise, you are likely to find yourself contacting the other Team Ducky, a nice caching couple in Pennsylvania.

We didn’t know about the other (the first) Team Ducky when we chose our name. Eventually, we ran across their signature in a log book. We contacted them and apologized about the name. We asked them if they wanted us to change the name. They were very cool about it and said it was no problem.

A couple of months later, our custom signature duckies started getting around and people started trying to contact us. Unfortunately, they didn’t use the hyphen and the emails went to the other Team Ducky. They forward the first few emails with a laugh. The next few, with a bit of annoyance.  A few more, and Team Ducky asked Team-Ducky if we wouldn’t mind changing our name.

Unfortunately, but this time we had ordered and created a good deal of Team-Ducky swag. We couldn’t change the name, but we did our best to purge any Team-Ducky items that didn’t have the hypen–and we added a note about the hyphen to our ducky bags.  So.. don’t forget that hyphen!


  1. I came across one of your logs for a cache near Hamilton, NY and clicked on your profile just to see what another duck-themed caching team might look like! We also leave small rubber duckies for our sig item, and we live and cache in the northern Virginia area. Our son is a professor at Colgate, so we always do some caching when we drive up to visit him. I am so impressed by the photos of your ducks – they are real works of art. I’m sure they are a prized swag item for the cachers in your area to find and collect! We just order various styles from the Oriental Trading Company website, and write our caching name on them with marking pens. How do you decorate your duckies? Are they custom made in different syles for you? Do they stay waterproof (and colorfast) in wet or cold conditions? I don’t think we can emulate your artwork, but it’s cool to know they are out there, and we’ll keep a look-out for them next time we visit central NY!
    Anne and Frank, The VanDucks

    • VanDucks,

      Good to make your acquaintance. We’ve stumbled upon your log entries and I believe we have one of your sig duckies in our collection. Seems you are due to get one of ours. Hard to get them up here, for as you note, they are pretty popular and don’t stay in the caches very long.

      We order blank make-you-own-rubber duckies from Oriental or Buck-a-Duck or one of the other on-line companies (we aren’t too happy with Oriental right now, they have started stamping there logo in permanent ink on the bottom of the duckies. BOO!). They all start out looking the same (barring minor production defects.) We have a collection of sharpie markers we use to decorate the ducks. Actually, we have a lot of sharpie markers, paint markers, glitter glue pens, and glow in the dark paints in our ducky art bag. (We’re a bit obsessed.) Most of the ducks are just drawn on with sharpies and then left in the cache. Barring any serious moisture, they will stay in good condition. If we put glitter or glow paint on them or if we need them to last (like our travel ducks) we cover the finished duck with a art supply that acts as a shiny sealant. So far, that seems to be working.

      Thank you for the comment. We love getting the feedback. Hope we get to see you at an event some time. Next time you are headed up to Colgate, let us know. There are still some caches up there we haven’t done.


  2. I’m pretty new @ this caching but i found IronDuck.Took 45-1hr to find.I am proud to find this duck.It was my hardest one that i have had to look for.It was the last one of a sweep @ Wolf park.I was supposed to pick my son up from babysitters but got a call that he just went down for his nap so I decided to try a clean sweep of Wolf park.I’ll be honest i didn’t trade up but I did leave 5 bucks but I intend to go back and trade up for somthing better than 5 bucks.Your ducks are like trophy and I could not pass it up.thank you for the duck.

  3. Out today trying to reach our 1000th cache find by the end of the year and low and behold, we found another Team-Ducky signature duck to add to our collection. We found “Star Bellied Sneetch” ( # D406-786) in the “Hummer Haven” cache. Almost got eaten alive by the skeeters there but had a good time.

    Team ARK-ville

  4. Grabbing some caches close to home today and bagged two more of your very artistic ducks. Brought home with us “Mosquito Bait” D489-1054 and “Playing Hookey” D491-1058.

  5. We found your “All that glitters” duck (D471-1006) yesterday near Marilla Bridges in PA. We then left a handmade magnet with the geocaching symbol. I absolutely love your concept with the ducks! They really are collectables! Hope to find more in the years to come as we get better at this caching thing… 🙂

  6. Found “Lookin’ For Mermaids” in Bishop Box today. Introduced Geocaching to my stepfather and sister, and stumbled across it. What a creative idea for signature items! Thank you for the “souvenir”. 🙂

  7. Ahoy Team-Ducky,

    I found “Ducktor Who” D451-943 in GC311C8 , “London Calling”, in Sanitaria, just east of Binghamton, NY. Not clear what to do with it, so I’ll just pass it on here in Ithaca, NY or close by.

    I was just today at a puzzle cache in Waltham, MA, which required me to find 3 “Ducky caches” to discover numbers on the bottom that would reveal the coordinates for the final location. Is this someone affiliated with you, or was this a coincidence? Funny that I would find Ducky stuff 250 miles from each other, looking at random caches.

    Thanks for the fun,

    Captain Scarecrow

    • Captain Scarecrow,

      Most of the duckies are just signature items. You can keep it or trade it or drop it as swag. Nope, we don’t know the other ducky caches you are talking about. Sounds right up our alley though.

      Have a DUcky Day.


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