Tim Burr

Tim Burr was the first cache we did  in Glimmerglass State Park.  The Sleeping Lion trail is not as well marked as we’d like it to be, but it is a good trail.  We haven’t walked the whole thing, yet, due to the elevation change.  (We just aren’t in as good a shape as we’d like to be– but we will get there.  Geocaching will help us get there.)

When Craig first read the cache title, he thought it was a real person’s name.  It wasn’t until they were on the trail, that he realized it was a pun giving a clue to the cache’s hiding place.  Doh!  Once we found the GZ, we wandered around a bit.  Like most new geocachers, we paid too much attention to our gps and not enough to our own sense of where the cache could/should be.  Craig probably walked by it three times before Cheryl made the find.

A nice view of Glimmerglass. (courtesy of Bridge and Tunnel Club)

This is on our favorite list because it introduced us to Glimmerglass and taught us a lot about how to be better geocaching.

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