Traveling Ducks

One of the cool aspects/activities with goecaching involves tracking items as they move from cache to cache.  Trackable items usually have a special code number on them that allows those who find them to log onto and update the whereabouts of the item.  Some of these items are coins, but the most common trackable items are called Travel Bugs.

Travel Bugs actually refer to the special tags (on a chain) with the tracking number.  They can be attached to just about anything.  (You can buy Travel Bug window stickers and make your car into a trackable item.  Not that it will be visiting many caches, but goecachers that see the car can log on and “discover” your TB car.  Some folks have even tattooed Travel Bugs and the numbers on their bodies, making themselves into Travel Bugs waiting to be discovered.)

Team Ducky has their own version of the the Travel Bug, the Traveling Ducks.
We order the TB tags, but rather than attach them to one of our ducks, we draw the Travel Bug on to the ducky and write the tracking number on the bottom. If one of our Traveling Ducks gets muggled, we still have the TB tags and can just make a new Traveling Ducky.

We currently have three Traveling Ducks (with more to come.)

TB 1  Road Runner Ducky (D55)

TB 2 Henry Ducky Thoreau (D62)

TB 3 Travel Bug (D72)

TB 4 Dr. Bunsen Honeyduck (and Anna Tiger, too.) (D74)

TB 5  Avatar Ducky (D108)

TB 6 Glimmer Sunset Ducky (D25)

TB 7 Flash, the Ducky-Mobile

TB 8 Maori Ducky (D143)

TB 9 FTF Ducky (D182)

TB 10 Escaped Big Foot (D274)

TB 11 Escaped Chupacabra (D276)

TB 12 Escaped Beast of Montauk (D278)

TB 13 Escaped Hodag (D280)

TB 14 Escaped Werewolf (D282)

TB 15 Vultan, the T-D Cruiser

TB 16 Cachemaniacs Guest Ducky (D319)

* Added Ducky (D129) is not one of Team-Ducky’s Traveling Duckies, but has been added to the Add It On! travel bug.

* FTF Quack (formerly D150 FTF Skulker) is now a Traveling Ducky in Softball29‘s flock.

* Rainbow Ducky is not one of Team-Ducky’s Traveling Duckies, but was added to the Rainbow Travel Bug to help replace the rainbow piece the travel bug lost.

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