Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 14, 2012

A Different Hatchery (D444)

Created by Cheryl for the Creekside Tribute: For Marley’sMom & Dad cache on January 11, 2012.  Our last cache of the Mongaup Pond adventure.  The ducky was inspired by the nearby fish hatchery.


  1. We (Gravesfn94 and HVanAken) found your ducky today! We started at the Covered bridge in Livingston Manor. We then made our way to the Hatchery, where we fed the fish after finding the cache there. We then had a nice walk around Frick’s Pond and found the three that are hidden there. The 6th and final cache of the day was the Creekside Tribute: For Marley’sMom and Dad at Mongaup. It was a very nice spot, we came upstate to our property for Memorial day weekend, the weather held up today and we had a great day for cacheing. We thought your ducky was really cool and took it. We then logged in here and were blown away!! Such a great idea!! Looking forward to finding more duckys! We’re going to be going away on vacation at the end of july and “A different Hatchery” ducky will be coming with us! We’ll be sure to take a picture before we place him.

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