FTF Ducky (TB9-D182)

FTF Ducky’s Geocaching.com page

Goal: FTF Ducky is trying to be THE FTF DUCKY!

• By being in new caches to greet the First-to-Find
• By being put in caches by the First-to-Find
• By getting to the FTF Magazine’s home offices.

Bio: Team-Ducky subscribed to the new geocaching magazine, FTF. On the third issue, we were lucky enough to receive a trackable gold coin decal. We activated the “coin” and attached the number to FTF Ducky.

FTF Ducky wears the FTF Coin with pride!

Like all Team-Ducky Traveling Duckies, the actual trackable is at the Ducky Pond.  The number from the FTF coin is on the bottom of FTF Ducky.

FTF Ducky has the Team-Ducky FTF badge.

FTF Ducky’s FTFs:

Team-Ducky FTF Ye Old Spring

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