Avatar Ducky (TB5-108)

Avatar Ducky’s page

Goal: To run, jump, fly as fast as possible and as far as possible around the planet Earth. Avatar Ducky is currently in the HooHaa TB Race.

The Race: The 2nd HooHaa TB Race has participants from all over the world.  All 20 of the TBs started from the same cache in upstate New York, U.S.A. on February 4, 2010.  The race will last until one year from the date the first TB leaves the starting cache.

Team-Ducky is offering a reward/incentive program to those who help Avatar in the race. (Yes, we stole this idea from TripCyclone, another cacher with a TB in the race.) For every prize Avatar Ducky wins, we will randomly award a Team-Ducky prize to someone who helped Avatar make that goal.

Prizes will be awarded for:
• Most Miles for the Year
(TD Award = A custom, personalized, TD Traveling Ducky.)
• Most Miles for a calendar quarter (only winnable once)
(TD Award = A TD Ducky Egg.)
• Most photos of the TB posted in its profile.
(TD Award = A TD Badge.)
• Most U.S. States and Countries hit.
(TD Award = A custom, personalized, TD Ducky.)
• Most Discoveries of the TB
(TD Award = A TD sticker.)
• Fewest miles traveled (the “bummer” prize)
(No TD award for this one… we don’t want to win this one.)


Bio: Team-Ducky celebrated Boxing Day 2009 by going to see the movie Avatar in 3D on the IMAX screen. They were blown away by the movie and really loved it. Travel Bugs are somewhat like a cacher’s avatar, so they thought they’d make an Avatar ducky. The Na’vi can run and jump (and fly with help) faster than just about anything on their planet. Team-Ducky’s Na’vi / Ducky hybrid avatar should have no trouble with the other racers in the HooHaa TB Race.

Avatar Ducky TB

Pure Na'vi

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