Summer Shortcut


Ooohhh, this was a tricky one.

We were in a hurry, trying to make find this cache and make it to a local bakery before it closed. How hard could it be, really?  A simple bridge on a seasonal road near a local park.  And we looked.  And we looked.  And we looked.  And we  read the clue.  And we looked some more.  Then we read the previous logs.  The clues we found there that helped:

• You don’t need to get dirty to find this one.
• It is in plain sight.
• Look up.

In plain sight? Really? How frustrating! I don’t see a cache container? Do you see a cache container? Cheryl looked around, looked up, and saw the unique item that wasn’t out of place– a single, solitary red reflector on the bridge.

Craig walked over to look at it. Looks like a reflector. Craig looked closer and noticed it was bolted onto the pole with a wingnut. He loosened the wingnut and realized the reflector is actually glued to the top of a round Altoids tin. Inside the tin, the log book and the swag.

This was the the cache that blew our minds wide open. What? You mean the container can be disguised? Cache containers can be… ANYTHING!!! This one also demonstrated Cheryl’s geosense.

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