Escaped Beast of Montauk! (TB12-D278)

Escaped Beast of Montauk! page


ESCAPE – Help the Beast of Montauk get away from the Cryptid Capture & Containment Center, evade her pursuers, and escape to coastal area of Montauk, NY.
CAPTURE – Help capture this Beast of Montauk and return her to the specially designed Cryptid Containment Unit at the C.C.C.C.  (GC2GBVK)

Escaped Beast of Montauk!

Bio:  The Escaped Beast of Montauk! ducky was one of five cryptid themed duckies placed in the C.C.C.C. themed caches in Gilbert Lake State Park of New York as part of a Halloween themed event on October 23, 2010.  Team-Ducky is enjoying watching the ongoing struggle between Escaped Beast of Montauk and the agents of the C.C.C.C.

Escaped Beast of Montauk - side view

Status:  CAPTURED!

Team-Ducky Traveling Duckies are a special form of proxy.   Escaped Beast of Montauk’s numbers come from a Evil Micro geocoin, which is safe at the Ducky Pond.  The number from the  coin is on the bottom of Escaped Beast of Montauk.

Farthest Point From C.C.C.C.: 0

Longest Time Free From C.C.C.C.: 0

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