Cache-a-Maniacs Guest Ducky (TB16-D319)

Cache-a-Maniacs Guest Ducky page

Goal:  The Cache-a-Maniacs Guest Ducky is trying to get to the Cache-a-Maniacs (to their cache in Michigan, GC1472M). Along the way, it is trying to get in the hands of as many Cache-a-Maniacs as possible.

Bio: Team-Ducky was a guest on episode #202 of the Cache-A-Maniacs podcast. As a reward, we were given a Cache-a-Maniacs Guest Coin. The coin is back at the Ducky-Pond, but the Cache-a-Maniacs Guest Ducky has been released into the geocaching wilds travel far and wide. There are Cache-a-Maniacs all over the world and the Cache-a-Maniacs Guest Ducky is determined to visit them all.

Cache-a-Maniacs Guest Ducky

DarrylW4, half of the Cache-a-Maniacs team, is an avid photographer, so we used a camera to represent him on the ducky.

Half of the Cache-a-Maniacs - DarrylW4

The firefly representing the other half of the Cache-a-Maniacs has a glow-in-the dark tail.

Half of the Cache-a-Maniacs - Firefly03

Cache-a-Maniacs Visited:

(Ep. #202) Team-Ducky
(Ep. #107) Softball29

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