Vultan, the T-D Cruiser


Vultan, the T-D Cruiser


Goal: Vultan, the T-D Cruiser can usually be found ferrying Team-Ducky from cache to cache over hill and dale.  Every once in a while, he gets to take them on caching trips or to caching events where he gets to meet other cachers and caching conveyances.

Description: The T-D Cruiser, like its namesake, is a bit on the larger side, but is sleek and graceful, cutting through the wind like a silver-gray, steel raptor.  To the uninitiated, Vultan could be mistaken for a Toytoa Venza.  True cachers, with sharp eyes and well-honed geosenses, will recognize the T-D Cruiser’s true nature– an integral part of Team-Ducky’s caching arsenal.  The number tag is located on the rear window on the driver side, though it is hard to see behind tinted glass.

T-D Cruiser’s Geocaching Page


Who is Vultan, you ask?

Team-Ducky is very grateful to artist, David Ryan Paul, for allowing us to use his rendition of Vultan.

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