HDT starts at the UU Society of Oneonta, NY

Henry Ducky Thoreau bowed out of the HooHaa Travel Bug Race in order to better fulfill his mission of visiting Unitarian Universalist people, churches, and points of interest.  Team-Ducky hopes he sends back lots of photos.  To get him started, we took some photos at UU Jester’s church, the UU Society of Oneonta, NY.

Henry Ducky Thoreau visits the UU Society of Oneonta, NY

HDT in front of the Chapin Memorial Sanctuary.  (Look really closely at the top of the wayside pulpit sign.)  Note the snow on the ground and the many stained glass windows.

HDT checks out the UUSO signboard.

Henry Ducky Thoreau and UU Jester are both in this picture (look closely…)  The service was the annual Religious Education intercession service.  During the month of January, the R.E. program focuses on a specific theme.  Every Sunday every class does some activity related to that theme.  (This year, the minister is preaching on the theme in the pulpit, too.)  At the end of the month, the kids and R.E. volunteers take what they’ve done/learned and share it with the congregation in the Intercession service.  Being a big proponent of peace, and having been mentioned in numerous sermons this month, Henry Ducky Thoreau decided to check out the service.  (It was very good.)

Henry Ducky Thoreau checks out the UUSO chalice.

Every UU congregation has their own version of the flaming chalice, the widely accepted symbol of Unitarian Universalism.

Henry Ducky Thoreau and UUSO's Lilly Stained-Glass Window.

UUSO has over a dozen stained glass windows.  Each is unique.  Many of them have been refurbished and are now protected with plexiglass.  (A number of windows were broken by thrown rocks.  It costs $3,000 to fix or refurbish a window.  We still have 6 windows to fix and protect.)

Henry Ducky Thoreau in front of the Loft stained glass window.

The biggest and grandest of the stained glass windows is on the front of the church, located in the loft.  HDT is sitting on the expanding table the Board usually meets at.

HDT perches on UUSO's Wayside Pulpit (facing North).

Many UU churches (and churches in general) used to have these Wayside Pulpit signs.  The pithy quotes were purchased specifically for these signs.  Very few churches still have them.  UUSO changes the quotes every month.

Henry Ducky Thoreau perches on UUSO's Wayside Pulpit (facing South.)

(Note: the word is “mingling” not “ming. Ling”)

Henry Ducky Thoreau enjoyed his visit at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Oneonta, NY.  Where will we end up next?

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