Ducky List


D1 “Starry Night” was added to the collection of GPSBarb!
D2 “Wings of Color” with JuneNY
D3 “Sentinel Duck” in Succession (or: A Family Cache.)
D4 “Borravian Troll Ducky” in Borravian the Troll???
D5 “Adam’s Cow Ducky” with Monet37
D6 “Greek Art” was given to BHouston21 by Softball29.
D7 “Dalmation Duck” in Claire’s Animal Fun Cache???
D8 “Opera Duck” in BC Open 15th Hole Cemetery Cache???
D9 “B-Day 42 Ducky” is now a part of Tundra Wolf’s pack.
D10 “Yankee Doodle Ducky” with Softball29???
D11 “Gone Fishin’ “ in Down By The River Bank???
D12 “Pining for You” with B.Z. Boys.
D13 “Ducky Clause” visited with the Ferreteers for a while and then stopped by GC21WDQ for a vacation.
D14 “R.I.P. Plucky Ducky #1” with Wheelwefyndit.
D15 “Hand Over the Ducky” is a bird in the hand of Sneagleeagle.
D16 “Lazy River Ducky” in Owego Westbound TB Hotel and Trading Post???
D17 “Sojourner Ducky” is MIA.
D18 “Sunset Lake Ducky” in Walk by Water???
D19 “Firefly Ducky” in Fireflies: A Night Cache???
D20 “Go On Without Me Ducky” in Medon Liar’s Cache???
D21 “Bat Ducky” patrolling in California somewhere with GPS Barb’s daughter.
D22 “R.I.P. Plucky Ducky #2 – Bully” exhumed Softball29.
D23 “Riverside Ducky” was found by a young Fritzling from the Fritzwood family.
D24 “XC Ski Ducky” in “Ski Trail Cache
D25 “Glimmer Sunset Ducky” was found by GPSBarb who turned it into a Travel Bug and gave it back to Team-Ducky at UU Jester’s Birthday Bash.
D26 “Autumn Treant Ducky” uprooted by GPS Barb replanted and harvested by Phisherman6.
D27 “A Ducky by Any Other Name…” picked by GPS Barb
D28 “Dam Ducky” was rescued by Softball29 (the cache owner) and given to a new cacher.
D29 “Great Pumpkin Ducky” discovered by Softball29
D30 “A Duck Named Sal” adopted by Softball29
D31 “Liberty Ducky“spread to “Backpack Camp
D32 “Preacher Ducky” has been called by Mermaid50.
D33 “Centennial Ducky” celebrating with GPS Barb
D34 “Nice View Ducky” is checking out the Nice Little View???
D35 “Cow Troll Ducky” has finally been rescued by the B. Z. Boys.
D36 “Judy’s Devil Ducky” is with Judy of the Devil Duckies.
D37 “Gorge-Us Ducky” poached by Little Turtles/GPS Barb.
D38 “Swamp Bear Ducky” with BHouston21???
D39 “Oddball Ducky” was “poached” (or rescued) by JuneNY when she repaired her Oddball cache.
D40 “Wolf Ducky” is in Wolfhound 9
D41 “Irish Ducky” was tricked out of his gold by Softball29.
D42 “Arthur Dent Ducky” is quite improbably still in Hartwick Forest 1.
D43 “Sleeping Ducky” is napping at the Second to Last I-81 N. Rest Stop.
D44 “Hell Ducky” is smoldering in the Parkway to Hell Night Cache.
D45 “Oh, Canada Ducky, eh?” is happily playing Duck, Duck, Goose!
D46 “U.S.A. Ducky” has been accepted into the court of KC20.
D47 “Gnome Ducky” is helping the gnome guardian in Gnome Man’s Land.
D48 “Oh, Canada, Inuit Ducky” is waiting in Aqua Duck Tape.
D49 “Mystery Ducky” may or may not be in the mystery cache.
D50 “Hunter Ducky” is posted at the Up the Creek Cache.
D51 “Rocket Ducky” is prepared for lift off in Seton’s Eagle Nest.
D52 “Cheese and Quackers” is being served Along the Trail.
D53 “Jangle” is hanging around with Honeypeople.
D54 “Jingle” is hanging out with LCSM.
D55 “Road Runner Ducky” is running from cache to cache.  BEEP!  BEEP!
D56 “Golden Devil Ducky” was appropriately snarfed by the Devil Duckies, Peter & Judy
D57 “Softball Ducky” was knocked out of the park (appropriately snarfed/poached) by Softball29.
D58 “Greenway Ducky” was found by Hfam3.
D59 “Tug O War Ducky” was traded by Softball29 to GPSBarb.
D60 “Duck Frost” is giving the cold shoulder to Softball29.
D61 “Riddler Ducky” is trying to steal Riddell’s Gift.
D62 “Henry Ducky Thoreau” has been given to a friend and is waiting to be released out west…
D63 “Santa Ducky’s Christmas Train” is under Softball29’s Christmas tree.
D64 “Duck Kent: Mild Mallard Cacher” is interviewing Luckless.
D65 “DD B-Day Ducky” is one of Devil Duckies Peter’s B-Day gifts.
D66 “Pine River” was found by Gerrygonz1
D67 “Sappy Ducky” was collected by Mermaid50
D68 “Plucky Ducky: Left Behind” dug up and rescued by Mermaid50.
D69 “Haunted Woods Ducky” was exorcised by Mermaid50
D70 “Merry FTF Christmas Ducky“was trimmed by Mermaid50
D71 “Merry Everything Ducky” is celebrating with the Devil Duckies (on the dash board of Judy’s car.)
D72 “Travel Bug” is a TB prize in the 2nd HooHaa TB Race.
D73 “Butterfly Ducky” was netted by BHouston21
D74 “Dr. Bunsen Honeyduck (and Anna Tiger, too)” is moving from cache to cache.
D75 “Engineer Ducky” is all aboard with Hfam3.
D76 “Pirate Ducky” has joined up to sail with Captain GPS Barb.
D77 “Winter Wonderland” was snarfed by BHouston21
D78 “Santa’s Gnome” is working his Christmas Magic for Softball29, now.
D79 “Snow Miser Ducky” was shoveled out by Softball29.
D80 “Heat Miser Ducky” was poached (and par-broiled) by Softball29.
D81 “Rudolph the Red Nosed Ducky” was poached by Softball29.
D82 “Duck of Christmas Present” was encountered by the B.Z. Boys.
D83 “The Grinch Ducky”  is celebrating with the B.Z. Boys.
D84 “Duck of Christmas Future”  is scaring the B.Z. Boys.
D85 “Duck of Christmas Past” is visiting the B.Z. Boys.
D86 “Santa Ducky”  is checking his list for the B.Z. Boys.
D87 “Mrs. Ducky Claus”  checked out with (and was poached by) the Devil Duckies.
D88 “Ranger Duck” is hanging with the other rangers at Welcome to Glimmerglass.
D89 “R.I.P. Ducky #4 – Shroom” is resting peacefully at Turf War: R.I.P. Mushroomman1.
D90 “Golem Ducky” is was ordered by dafyole to guard the giant cache, Read on R.C.S.
D91 “Monet Ducky” was collected (snarfed) by Monet37.
D92 “Lila Crane Ducky” was rescued by tabernaktoo.
D93 “Dragon Ducky” was snarfed by softball29.
D94 “Jiminy Ducket” was snarfed/rescued by WindsorHill5.
D95 “FTF #1GPSBarb
D96 “FTF #1Little Turtles
D97 “FTF #1Monet37
D98 “FTF #1Devil Duckies
D99 “FTF #1Softball29
D100 “Celebrating 100 Ducky” was poached by Softball29.
D101 “Waitress Ducky” is still taking orders at the World Famous Roscoe Cache.
D102 “Duckopoly” rolled doubles with Magicman/Sewjourner.
D103 “Janus Ducky” is currently holding steady in RPA-20 Brookwood Hall.
D104 “Penguin Ducky” is flocking with PenguinLady.
D105 “Christmas Lights Ducky” is letting his lights shine in Huckleberry What?
D106 “Spookduckular” is haunting adkponds.
D107 “Fitch’s Troll Ducky” is, according to the logs, still guarding Fitche’s Cache.
D108 “Avatar Ducky” is running the 2nd HooHaa TB Race and can be tracked on his own page.
D109 “R.I.P. Plucky Ducky #5: Sand Hill” was exhumed by Fritzwood.
D110 “Dam Fine Ducky” was found by a Dam Fine Caching Family, Fritzwood.
D111 “I do! I do! Ducky” exchanged vows with Speliopirate.
D112 “Skyline Ducky” was snapped up by Softball29.
D113 “First Aid Ducky” was presented to Fred’s Fault.
D114 “Beacon Ducky” is being tended to by Arkville.
D115 “Ducky Jam Band” is playing for Softball29.
D116 “Avatar Wins!” was traded by GPSBarb to Softball29.
D117 “Mardi Gras Ducky” is waiting for someone to look up.
D118 “Justice Loves Liberty” is watching our nation’s symbol Where Eagles Roost.
D119 “Liberty Loves Justice” is welcoming the teeming masses at OTRA#1.
D120 “Disc Golf Ducky” was snagged by GPSBarb.
D121 “I Can Haz Cacheburger” is hiding like a ninja in LOLCache.
D122 “Sock Dragon” was matched up with the 3McKnackers.
D123 “Frankenduck” is alive with the Devil Duckies.
D124 “A Knight’s Tail” is sharing the art of storytelling with Monet37.
D125 “Shelldon McDuck” is nesting with GPSBarb and Little Turtles.
D126 “Take a Bough” is branching out with Softball29.
D127 “Cache Cow” is joining IthacaDoodle‘s herd.
D128 “Fallin’ for Ithaca” was misplaced in a Letterbox, but was rescued by Softball29.
D129 “Added Ducky” was added to the Add It On! Travel Bug.
D130 “Baseball Troll” is playing ball with team Kulver.
D131 “Groovy Peace Ducky” is chillin’ at The Lost Peace 2.
D132 “Easter Bunny” is hiding eggs at the old hay rake.
D133 “Cracked Ducky” is cracking up with Loose Change.
D134 “Spring Ducky” is enjoying the season and feeling Welcome to Rock Hill.
D135 “Happy Easter, Devil Duckies” is celebrating with the Devil Duckies‘ flock.
D136 “Happy Easter, Softball29” was snarfed for the holidays by Softball29.
D137 “April Fool’s Ducky” is jest hanging around in the Final Frontier.
D138 “Plucky Ducky #5 – Car Crash” is resting peacefully with RIP Good Friend!!!
D139 “300 Caches Ducky” is celebrating the milestone in Cache for Klunkers.
D140 “Dread Ducky Roberts” is hiding in the Fire Swamp TommyBoy.
D141 “High Water Ducky” is treading water in Old Falls Fishing.
D142 “Mud Duck” is wallowing in Estelina.
D143 “Maori Ducky” is our 8th Traveling Ducky. Follow her travels on the geocaching website or on her personal Traveling Ducky Page.
D144 “Happy Easter Princess Chef Ducky” is hiding eggs with Hfam3.
D145 “Jest Have a Happy Easter” is eating peeps with SneagleEagle.
D146 “Bumble-B-Ducky” is buzzing around with Sneagle Eagle.
D147 “Punky Ducky” is moping about Trees by Alfred Joyce Kilmer.
D148 “Papa Duck’s Class” is teaching us how to have Fun With Numbers #1.
D149 “Nerdy McDuck” is using a slide rule to have Fun With Numbers #2.
D150 “FTF Skulker” was nabbed by Softball29 and turned into a Traveling Duck.
D151 “Scrooge McDuck” was rescued from The Franklin Mint by Luckless.
D152 “Earth Day is Ducky” is celebrating natural beauty in the Leland Preserve.
D153 “Ducky Angler” was caught by the Happy Wanderers.
D154 “Capt. Peg-Feather” was lured in by a Mermaid.
D155 “10 Years, Oneonta” was won by Devil Ducky Judy and has joined their flock.
D156 “10 Years, Ithaca” was won by ittakes2nys1.
D157 “R.I.P. Plucky Ducky #7 – Balebatim” was respectfully exhumed by Softball29.
D158 “Silverado Ducky” is currently MIA.
D159 “Ducks Hunting” was bagged by Softball29 (quite the hunter, he is.)
D160 “Garfunky Ducky” is playing a duet with GPSBarb Oates.
D161 “Duck Crossing” is crossing the street with GPSBarb, the FTF.
D162 “Crew Ducky” is “stroke! stroke! stroke!”ing with Fetch & Getit.
D163 “Fisher’s Doggy Ducky” has been adopted and is playing with his favorite Softball29.
D164 “The A-Maze-ing Doodle Ducky” is hiding down a dead end in IthacaDoodle’s Golden Ammo Can.
D165 “Minotaur Ducky” is guarding the log in Right Where I Posted It
D166 “Pheasant Ducky” is scratching around The Pleasant Pheasant.
D167 “Old McDuckald” is tending the flock with GPSBarb.
D168 “Duck Heard ‘Round the World” is fighting the red-coats with Softball29.
D169 “ASP GeoBash V – Porcuduck” was in the ASP Geobash V Raffle and was won by ?.
D170 “ASP Geobash V – Found it!” was in the ASP Geobash V Raffle and was won by ?.
D171 “Pizza Ducky” was released at The Hatchery and bagged by Wardrums.
D172 “Fair-Fowl Weather Friend” made friends with GPSBarb.
D173 “Bacchus Bear Ducky” is having a glass of wine with Monet37.
D174 “Duck-napped” was ducky-napped rescued by El Fartero.
D175 “Always” is haunting El Fartero.
D176 “Ducky Family Tree” is studying genealogy with Artclasmdl.
D177 “Smiley Ducky” is celebrating the find with Hfam3.
D178 “Rainbow Ducky” is traveling the world with the Rainbow Travel Bug.
D179 “R.I.P. Plucky Ducky VIII – Pancake” is in Mermaid50‘s mausoleum.
D180 “R.I.P. Principal Plucky Ducky IX” has called Mermaid50 to the school office.
D181 “Cooper Curator Ducky” was collected by Mermaid50.
D182 “FTF Ducky” is out collecting FTFs.  Follow FTF Ducky on its Traveling Duck page.
D183 “A Little Bushwacking?” is presumed lost in the deep woods of West Almond remembered.
D184 “Postducky” was last seen in “Enjoy the View – West Almond.” But is MIA.
D185 “Team-Ducky at ASP Geobash V” is remembering the bash with Fishing Gal’s sister.
D186 “Constellations Ducky” is
D187 “Bright Idea” is
D188 “ASP Geobash V – Icons” is remembering the ‘bash with GPSBarb.
D189 “ASP Geobash V Mascot Runner-up” is sulking at the France Brook Beaver Pond.
D190 “Signal @ ASP Geobash V” was snarfed/poached? by GPSBarb.
D191 “Over the Rainbow” was snarfed by GPSBarb.
D192 “The Yellow Brick Road” was taken by the Great and Awesome DooWopDee.
D193 “We Represent the Lollipop Duckies” joined the Good Witch, DooWopDee.
D194 “Are You a Good Ducky or a Bad Ducky” was dropped in Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch cache.
D195 “Scarecrow” has a new brain and a new home from DooWopDee.
D196 “Tin Woodduck” has a new heart and a new home with Shelly69.
D197 “Courage” is feeling brave with DooWopDee.
D198 “Lions and Tigers and Bears…and Porcupines?” is scaring people with DooWopDee.
D199 “Emerald City” is wearing green glasses with DooWopDee.
D200 “Chef Ducky Celebrates 200” was snarfed by GPSBarb and is celebrating with her ducky peeps.
D201 “Back to Kansas” is still trying to figure out how to get BACK TO KANSAS.
D202 “ASP Geobash V – Canoeing” is MIA, last seen at Bridal Falls.
D203 “Stuck in the Middle Geocachers at ASP Geobash V” is currently playing with the Ferreteer ferrets.
D204 “ASP Geobash V – Swimming” was given to Vet Tech ’03 for her hard work on the ASP Geobash V Raffle.
D205 “ASP Geobash V – Campfire Friends” was given to Bullseyeshooter for his work on the ASP Geobash V.
D206 “Cachper at ASP Geobash V” was snarfed by GPSBarb.
D207 “Team-Ducky leaves ASP Geobash V” took a brief rest and then joined ittakes2nys1.
D208 “Leapin’ Sand Lizard” is hanging out at Tundra Wolf’s puppy pound.
D209 “Moovin’ Through Stamford” is moseying around with Arkville.
D210 “Duckus Trollius” was no match for the extreme Duck Hunter, GPSbarb.
D211 “Buzz Off!” is buzzing around GPSBarb’s hive.
D212 “R.I.P. Plucky Ducky X – Bagpiper” is playing for SneagleEagle
D213 “R.I.P. Plucky Ducky XI – Hero” is resting peacefully with honor at R.P.G.
D214 “Damp Ducky” was rescued from the fowl weather by GPSbarb.
D215 “War Ducky” is guarding GPSbarb’s flock of duckies.
D216 “Ducky Genius” is in Tundra Wolf’s pack.
D217 “Devilish Devil Ducky” is, appropriately enough, in the Devil Ducky’s collection.
D218 “Caching With Wolves” is, appropriately enough, a part of Tundra Wolf’s pack.
D219 “Duffer Ducky” is waiting to play the first nine at Ely Park High.
D220 “Test Subject 220” has escaped and is living with other mutants, Team-Thundercats.
D221 “Red Salamanders” is currently trying to poison MrMacMan2U with his cute, colorful skin.
D222 “Iron Duck” is on patrol at Svar Varg.
D223 “Momma Ducky’s Ducklings” are joining all the rest of the duckies at GPSBarb’s nest.
D224 “Cecil Two” has joined Tundra Wolf’s canine menagerie.
D225 “Little Otters” is playing in the water with Starmaker.
D226 “Park Roost Ducky” was dropped in Westwood Park.
D227 “Phoenix Ducky” was reborn (found) by some Good Neighbors.
D228 “Wonder Ducky” was last seen hanging out with the C-Clan.
D229 “Firefighter Ducky” was last seen paying his respects at Tribute to a Fallen Firefighter.
D230 “Pioneer Ducky?” was enjoying recess and rooting for the home team at “Go Pioneers!
D231 “R.I.P. Plucky Ducky XII – Fleur de Lis” was unearthed and patched up by Baconbits1994.
D232 “R.I.P. Plucky Ducky XIII – Unlucky” was carefully laid to rest in WSQ White Cemetery – A Sesquicentennial Cache.
D233 “Coloma Hotel Ducky” is relaxing in the gazebo behind the Coloma Hotel.
D234 “Country Living” is clip-clopping along somewhere in Richford.
D235 “Strawberry Short Duck” is looking doll-cute with Art Fully Bare.
D236 “Ducky Adrift” was rescued from their watery fate by Art Fully Bare.
D237 “Ducky Wucky” is getting some batting practice with Art Fully Bare.
D238 “Numbers Are Ducky” is solving equations with Hfam3.
D239 “Duck Welder” is making sparks fly with Team-Weinderdog.
D240 “Summer Fun with Numbers” is counting the days of Summer at Fun With Numbers #3.
D241 “Spring Chick Two” was dropped off at The Church’s One Foundation.
D242 “Mr. Potato Ducky” is getting smashed with DicksRock.
D243 “Old Friends” went home with old friend, Beaker42.
D244 “Friends of a Feather Gather Together” was last seen in Tubbs Hill Cache.
D245 “Paladin Ducky” was guardingthe Weasel Fence.
D246 “Buttermilk Falls” is having a dairy good time  at No Flies in the Buttermilk.
D247 “Merlin” is teaching falconry to Art Fully Bare.
D248 “SITMC Picnic 2010” is MIA.  Someone one him at the picnic but didn’t log it…
D249 “Ware2’s Golden Apple” was plucked by Ware2.
D250 “River Troll Ducky” is missing in action….
D251 “Devil Duckies Just Married” attended the reception with the Devil Duckies Peter and Judy.
D252 “A Ducky Day at the Lake” is having lakeside fun with hfam3.
D253 “Close Encounters Ducky” was abducted by Team-Weinerdog.
D254 “Geoduck ‘Gooey Duck” is MIA, but presumed to be with El Fartero.
D255 “Duck, Duck, Goose” is still on the medal stand at the Park n Goosepond.
D256 “Mr. Science Ducky” is conducting experiments with Wardrums.
D257 “Roy G Biv” is in the hands of Aimal, a friend of Team El Fartero.
D258 “Soma Ducky” is falling apart (and coming together) with Wardrums.
D259 “UV Roast Ducky” is being treated with aloe vera gel by Phisherman607.
D260 “Duckzilla” is discussing the dangers of nuclear testing with Mr. Science.
D261 “Fair & Fowl Weather Friends” is making friends with Softball29’s ducky collection.
D262 “Team Ducky Together Ten Years” is dancing to the Rock of Ages.
D263 “500” is celebrating Team-Ducky’s caching milestone with T-D fan, Wardrums.
D264 “Happy B-Day SneagleEagle” is celebrating, appropriately, with SneagleEagle.
D265 “The Thing Ducky” is fighting crime with Wardrums and his ducky crew.
D266 “Fun w/ Friends From Afar” are eyeing the disc golf course near the Pine Lake Two Step.
D267 “Autumnal Goddess” is enjoying the seasonal colors at Wilbers Point.
D268 “Froggy 100” is celebrating Team-Froggy’s 100 Caches Found.
D269 “Hopping 2 Bee FTF” headed home with the Second-to-Find Devil Duckies.
D270 “Ghostly Glow Ducky” is waiting for the next victim at “Don’t Be Afraid of the Duck!
D271 “You Chose Wisely” is placing bets with Team ARK-ville.
D272 “10-10-10 Oneonta” is checking the calendar with Softball29.
D273 “Big (Webbed) Feet” is safely contained in the T-D C.C.U. – Big Foot.
D274 “Escaped Big Foot!” Escaped? or Captured?  Find out on the Traveling Ducky Page.
D275 “Rocking the Goat Sucker” is safely contained in T-D C.C.U. – Chupacabra.
D276 “Escaped Chupacabra!” Escaped? or Captured? Track it on the Traveling Ducky Page.
D277 ” Beast of Montauk FTF” is safe and secure in T-D C.C.U. – Beast of Montauk.
D278 “Escaped Beast of Montauk!” Headed back to Montauk, NY or back to the C.C.C.C.?  Find out here.
D279 “Rhinelander’s Pride” is pining for Rhinelander in the T-D C.C.U. – Hodag.
D280 “Escaped Hodag!”  Headed back to Rhinelander, WI, or back to the C.C.C.C.?  Find out here.
D281 “Howlin’ at the Moon” is trying to infect Phisherman607.
D282 “Escaped Werewolf!” Escaped into the wild or Captured and on the way back to the C.C.C.C.?  Find out here.
D283 “Silver Screen Cuisine” is snacking with Art Fully Bare.
D284 “Riddler’s Doggy” is playing fetch with a Softball29.
D285 “Lost Doggy” was found by Art Fully Bare.
D286 “Doc Drake Branta” is still M.I.A…
D287 “Team-Ducky Attacked!” is hiding out with Slammerdino.
D288 “Monsters At Play“is racking up a high score with the Geosliders.
D289 “Tow Path Treasure” is
D290 “UU Caching Adventure” is
D291 “Some times a Duck is just a Duck” is
D292 “The Mummy of King Duckuncommon” is
D293 “Nature’s Friend” is
D294 “Father Quack O’Riley” is making pastoral cache calls with Joe the Mailman.
D295 “The Dog Quackerer” is stretching his legs at The Dog Walk – Four Legs.
D296 “Midnight” is taking walks and playing fetch with leaton.
D297 “Got Bones?” was fetched by Joe B 46er as a 2,600 finds prize.
D298 “Mush!” is pulling a sled for bellhill.
D299 “Ducky in a Cache” was last seen in Asa’s Grist Mill (but is presumed MIA.)
D300 “UU Jester Celebrates 300” is counting duckies in Akiva’s Mad Math Multi-cache.
D301 “R.I.P. Plucky Ducky XIV – Scary Night” was exhumed by Tundra Wolf.
D302 “Hunt Ducks, Not Deer!” hid out the season with Fully Bare (of Artfully Bare.)
D301 “Pie in the Sky” was scooped up by Team ARK-ville.


  1. oh my goodness that’s a lot of DUCKS!

  2. Yeah, it is hard to keep track of them all.

  3. Just letting you know we retrieved “Beacon Ducky” What a great job. Our firt Team-Ducky find.

    Not sure how you site works yet. Will send pictures if I figure it out.

    Mrs. Arkville wants to know if this ducky has Aflac coverage??

    • Arkville, congrats on your first TD Ducky! A good one, too, I think. (I liked making that one.) If you have photos you want me to post on the blog, just send them to me and I’ll post them on that ducky’s post (as soon as I get it posted.. I’m slowly catching up.) I’m afraid all our duckies are not covered by insurance. We had an Aflac Ducky TB once, but we let it go. Hope you enjoy the ducky.

  4. found bumble -bee duckie and jest have a happy easter! couldnt find bemble-bee duckies profile on duckie list? maybe im just blind lol anyway hfam3 snagged the duckie egg(that was a interesting cache) and engeneer duckie.

    • SneagleEagle,
      You couldn’t find it because I hadn’t posted it yet. I try to post one duck a day. That means some times I will be behind schedule a bit. I appreciate the post here, though. It got posted this morning.. so feel free to post over there. Glad you found it… we really enjoyed making that one.

  5. hi guys thanks for the tickets to the concert (my liked the band) anyway i have ranger duckie patrolling around my house(another bad joke, one of many i have) so yah it was also nice to meet you guys in person, me and hfam3 would love to go caching with you!Thanks for making your ducks!

  6. Hello Team-Ducky I wanted to let you know I have added D177 Smiley Ducky to my badelynge of ducks! he has a new happy home. Thanks for your ducks 🙂

  7. Hi Team-Ducky! Have been having a wonderful time out in the woods finding ducks and other great things. Saturday Fully Bare and I found Family Tree Duck at Gilbert Lake Park where I spent many summers with my family while my daughter was growing up. Today that daughter and I found Punky Ducky in the Trees by Alfred Joyce Kilmer cache. He was a little bit the worse for wear, and glad to be rescued from there! This was find #50 for us!
    Artful, from Art Fully Bare

  8. ello team ducky i just dug up bagpiper plucky ducky from milford cemetary(get the pun?i know it was terrible) and thanks for making your unique ducks!

  9. I found the Autumn Tree Ant Ducky #26 in my little brothes cache by arnolds lake. GPS barb took the special ducky and left this. very cool 🙂

  10. Hi Team-Ducky:

    We have finally gotten another of your signature ducks. It is the Moovin’ Through Stamford duck, number D-209. Our collection is small, at two finds right now. Hope to build it as time passes, but we have to travel a lot further from home now as most of the close caches we have already logged.

    We really enjoy your art work and clever duck titles. Keep up the great work and hope to meet on the cache trail.

    I have a picture of this duck if you need it for the site. Just let me know how to send it.

  11. Hello Team-Ducky,
    I have finally been able to add another duck to my ducky collection. I now have “numbers are ducky” which I just found in Fun with numbers 4. Thanks for the wonderful duck, he is happy to join his friends.

  12. Found RIP Plucky Ducky XII in the Pleasent Hill cemetary today. Very interesting concept! I look forward to seeing more of your ducks around and adding some friends for him!

  13. I now have added D-252 A ducky day at the lake to my collection. Thanks for the wonderful ducks!

  14. Hello my fine friend!

    I am officially a “real” duck hunter I have two new ducks in my collection now!!! I hope to get on the “Duck Hunters” list on your blog (I already had Pizza Ducky (D171-372) but that was passed down to me by GPS Barb at “The Hatchery”).

    Me and phisherman607 did the Mr Science cache loop on Sunday and nabbed 3 of the five ducks in the series.

    I now have D256 “Mr. Science Ducky” and D258 “Soma Ducky” (and as I said Pizza Ducky (D171-372) but it still shows as in GPS barb’s collection on this blog) If you fix that I would be forever thankful!!!

    Phisherman607 took D259 “UV Roast Duck” so that is in his possession.

  15. As of 11/3/10, “Father Quack O’Riley” will be ministering to me on my travels to the next Geocache, where I’m sure he will minister to the next person. Peace and the Lord God be with you little ducky.

  16. Midnight is enjoying a sojourn in East Glenville.

  17. Last week I picked up #298 Mush from Dog Walk 3 (gc2gkyv

  18. Not sure where to log my personalized hallycat Ducky but thanks! Picked up at the
    Soup, Bread and Caching Love Stories Part 3 event on Long Island.

  19. This is teeheehee saying thanks for the “Soup, Bread & Cache Love” Ducky (D331-608) we (Sam) were lucky to win at our first ever Event Cache. Nicwe meeting you all!

  20. Just today picked up my first ducky. For your reference know that “Six Geese a Laying” (d312) is safety resting in my living room. Most excellent brush work. I am not sure I will be able to part with him. I have started to call it My Precious. Is that bad?

  21. My daughters and I have “Ducky Scout”. He is alive and well. – Erich

  22. I have now added D351 “Peaceful Fishin’ Spot.” to my collection of ducks! Thanks 🙂

  23. Hi, D396, “Zelda” is now residing with me. I found her at GC1DKKR. I love the duck idea! Thanks 🙂

  24. Hi, we just found Ducky Potter. He’s so cute! Love him! You guys are awesome. His number is D393-794

  25. HI,My daughter Sophie has “Pup in Pines” D472-1007. He is alive and well

  26. Found Ducky “Super Striker” D493-1060 ! Super Striker will be traveling on vacation with me in 2 weeks. Love this !

  27. I picked up D379-702 today and gave him to mt daughter for her collection. She has LOTS of duckies that we acquired from caches. Many came from the “Quacked-Up” holiday series.

  28. How come the list stops at D301? I have had D376-B12 from 2/13/11 “Hello Moon Ducky” in my possession for a long time. Still Treasure it.

  29. We found “leaves falling down” D505-1103. What a great little find. We Loved the idea.. Going out of town this weekend and will be taking this ducky with us to find a new home for someone else to find and enjoy.. Ty again Team Ducky.

  30. Hi there! I found and moved one of your Duckys but can’t seem to find it on the list to let you know where we left him so I figured I would do it on here and you could let me know or place him in the new cache.
    My family and I found your Signature Ducky in Mongaup Pond cache “Mongaup Odessey, a Twist of Feta” GCZOKE
    We took him home and left him in a cache in Huntington, NY called “Sawyers Woodedge Cache” GC1A2AP
    Thanks for the Ducky fun!!!!

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