Road Runner Ducky (TB1 – D55)

Road Runner Ducky’s page

Goal: Road Runner Ducky is trying to reach a cache in Los Alamos where the Cullinan Clan kids can pick him up.

Bio: Team-Ducky met the Cullinan kids when UU Jester was in seminary. They are two of the smartest, cutest, talented, most delightful kids we know. When we started geocaching, we immediately thought of them. We attempted to to get Obi John of the Cullinan Clan into geocaching by taking him on a caching run while up in Canada. Alas, he resisted the siren call of the cache. Undaunted, we decided to send the Cullinan kids a travel bug. When asked what their travel bug should be, they suggested a road runner. New Mexico is a good place for road runners, so off he goes.

Run, Road Runner, Run!



  1. First stop for Road Runner was a little dicey. The Ferreteers grabbed him from the cache and took him home for a while. Thankfully, it was a brief layover.

    Run, Road Runner, Run!!!

  2. Road Runner caught a ride from Mama Bear to an event in FL.

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