Posted by: Team-Ducky | April 20, 2012

Revs in CT (D450-924)

UU Jester's version of the flag of the CT.

Created by Craig and Bret for the Chase Between the Birdhouses on March 7, 2012.

UU Jester was traveling with his friend/colleague/fellow cacher, Flying_Rev.

Flying_Rev poses with his ducky artistry.

After finishing the ducky and finding the cache, the Revs headed to the nearby retreat center for the UUTRM Board meeting.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | April 20, 2012

Spirit of Caching (D449-919)

Spirit's first geocaching adventure.

Created by Craig for Mud Lake Hike on February 25, 2012.

Proud new geo-dog owners, UU Jester and Chef Ducky.

This was the first geocaching adventure for Team-Ducky’s new puppy, Spirit.

GPSbarb and Little Turtles were a part of the adventure, once again.

GPSbarb snarfed the ducky and she took this great shot of Team-Ducky w/ Spirit.

This picture was used for Team-Ducky's FTF trading card! (Thanks GPSbarb!)

FTF Trading Cards!

Posted by: Team-Ducky | April 11, 2012

Lectio 2012 Flock (D448-918)

Created by Craig and some of the attendees (including c_clan, flyingrev, and laughwild) at the 2021 Lectio Divina on February 18th, 2012, in a van in Tulsa, OK.

Dropped off in Mr. Science’s Silver Bottle Cache by Team-Ducky and the T-D Doggy, Spirit, on February 25, 2012.

Cameo: Chef Ducky

This was Spirit’s first cache!

Posted by: Team-Ducky | April 11, 2012

Bound & Cached (D447-913)

Geocaching Hazard#17 - Barb Wire

Created by Craig for Cache on the Corner on February 16, 2012.

Klutziness and Barb Wire do not mix well.

Groundspeak really ought to add a “Barbwire” attribute icon. (I guess the “Thorn” icon would work.)

Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 14, 2012

Climate Change Quackery (D446)

Created by Craig for the Hanford Mills Museum Cache on February 6, 2012.  The ducky as inspired by the mild winter we’ve had so far this year and the bright sunny skies and warm weather the day UU Jester found this cache.  The buoy denotes this being our 94th First-to-Find.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 14, 2012

Winter Tubin’ (D445)

Created by Craig for the Lazy Day Falls cache on January 14, 2012.

We were planning on going tubing at the resort where we were staying, but when we got all dressed up and headed to the slope, the line was just too long.  So, we decided to go caching instead.

We discovered another cool cache along the Mongaup Creek that we had driven by days earlier.


Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 14, 2012

A Different Hatchery (D444)

Created by Cheryl for the Creekside Tribute: For Marley’sMom & Dad cache on January 11, 2012.  Our last cache of the Mongaup Pond adventure.  The ducky was inspired by the nearby fish hatchery.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 14, 2012

TOTT Ducky (D443)

Folding Pick & Shovel

Created by Craig for the Mongaup Odessey a Twist of Feta cache on January 11, 2012.

Mirror on a Stick

TOTT stands for Tool(s) Of The Trade and refers to any special equipment you use for the hobby, in this case, geocaching.

Collapsible Walking Stick

Our cache bag contains a stunning (and somewhat heavy) array of TOTTs.


We used a good number of our TOTTs on the series of caches hidden in and around the Mongaup Pond Campground.

Flashlight, Keychain Pen, and Geosense

It was more of a lake than a pond and it was a great series on this winter day.

TOTT Ducky at the Mongaup Pond

Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 14, 2012

Abstract Quack (D442)

Created by Cheryl for the SHORT & SWEET cache on January 11, 2012.

The cache was hidden at a beautiful spot along the Mongaup Creek across from several small water falls.

Cheryl tried to capture the stunning beauty of the scene in ducky form, and for the first time, she felt thwarted.  It was just too beautiful… so the ducky is only an abstract rendering.


Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 13, 2012

Plucky Ducky XXIII “Carried Away” (D441)

Plucky Ducky XXIII R.I.P. 1-11-12

Created by Craig for the Henry Cemetery Cache on January 11, 2012.

"Plucky Ducky met his final rest...

The cemetery was located close to the Catskills Fish Hatchery.

...carried away to an eagle's nest."

A number of eagles were hanging out around the hatchery hoping for an easy meal.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 12, 2012

Hippie Chick (D440)

Created by Cheryl and Craig for the Peace, Love, & Geocache on January 10th, 2012.

The cache is one of the oldest in New York State and is at the site of the Woodstock concert.

Hippie Chick visits the Woodstock memorial plaque.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 9, 2012

Wood Duck (D439)

Created by Craig and Cheryl for Have You Seen What We Saw on January 10, 2012.

Reining Forest Products (a.k.a. Team Hemlock)

The front of the ducky was inspired by the cool saw blade business sign at Team-Hemlock’s base of operations.

UU Jester takes one end of the cross-cut saw.

The cache container was also pretty darn cool– but we won’t post a pic to spoil it.

Who's at the other end of the cross-cut saw?

Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 9, 2012

New Year Wishes (D438)

New Friends!

Created by Craig and Cheryl for the Cat Hollow Special cache on January 9, 2012.

Good Luck

Our first caching trip of the new year provides a good opportunity to reflect on what we hope for in the new year.


Some people wish upon stars.  Team-Ducky writes wishes on the less traditional rubber duckies.

Good Fortune & New Geo-Pooch

Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 5, 2012

Bearly on Vacation (D437)

Created by Cheryl while visiting with our nieces in NC in June of 2011.

Placed in Splash the Ferret’s Waterfall cache on January 9, 2012.

The first trip to NC was a vacation visiting family combined with an annual  professional trip.  The 2nd trip was an actual vacation in upstate NY.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 5, 2012

Root Beer B (D436)

A colorful cameo by Caroline of The B-Hive

Created by Craig and a guest artist, Caroline of The B-Hive, on December 29th, 2011.

The B-Hive's signature and another colorful cameo by Caroline.

Root Beer B was placed in the Rootbeer Mountain cache, hence the root beer barrel (also UU Jester’s favorite beverage.)

Yes, that is Caroline's colorful hat serving as a ducky perch.

Caroline made the bee on the back of the ducky.  Craig decorated the rest.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 28, 2011

Nutquacker (D434) and the Sugar Plum Ducky (D435)

D434 The Nutquacker and D435 The Sugar Plum Ducky were created  by Cheryl and Craig for the Ho! Ho! Ho! A Season of Caching event on December 17, 2011.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 28, 2011

Sugar Plum Ducky (D435-861)

Created by Craig for the ornament exchange at the Ho! Ho! Ho! A Season of Caching 3 4 event on December 17, 2011.

Team-Ducky makes duckies for events they attend.  The Ho! H0! Ho! event traditionally has an ornament exchange.

Team-Ducky discovered at the first Ho! Ho! Ho! event they attended that duckies make great ornaments!

Cameo: Blue_Pfenix with her new Christmas Ducky Ornament

Congratulations to Blue_Pfenix for choosing the Sugar Plum Ducky in the exchange.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 27, 2011

Nutquacker (D434-861)

Created by Cheryl for the ornament exchange at the Ho! Ho! Ho! A Season of Caching 3 4 event on December 17, 2011.

Team-Ducky tries to make a ducky or two for every geocaching event they attend (attending events counts as finding a geocache, so leaving a ducky is appropriate–and fun!)

(Cameo: Monet 37 w/ her new Christmas Tree Ornament, La Vaca Verde in background.)

At the annual Ho! Ho! Ho! event, people are invited to wrap up an ornament for a secret exchange.  (This is Team-Ducky’s 2nd Ho! Ho! Ho! event, at the first one we attended, we made Jingle and Jangle, Ducky Elves.)  Congrats to Monet37 for picking up the Nutquacker for her tree.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 26, 2011

Find the Smiley (D433-TDC28)

The classic (egg) shell game... which shell has the smiley?

Created by Craig as the First To Find prize for Team-Ducky’s 28th cache hide, “Another (Egg) Shell Game.”

One Smiley, Two Frowns... move the (egg) shells round and roun'

This cache is a replacement for the original (Egg) Shell Game, which was busted by the man.

Follow the Shel with your eyes and you'll claim the smiley prize.

The cache is made up of three identical magnetic reflectors, each attached to one of three identical road signs.  The trick is guessing which cache holds the log book.


Once a geocacher has made the find and signed the log, they can shuffle the containers and replace them so the next cacher can guess as well.

Conrgrats to Tundra Wolf for being the First to Find!

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 21, 2011

Missing: MaMa Ducky (D432-TDC27)

(photo by Tundra Wolf)

Created by Craig as the First-To-Find prize for Team-Ducky’s 27th cache, “The Empty Nest.”  Published on December 17, 2011.

(photo by Tundra Wolf)

The Empty Nest is a cache placed in tribute to the best cache we have put out, The Hatchery, which was lost in the floods of 2011.  The 5 gallon bucket contained a camera, a large vinyl MaMa Ducky that served as the sign-in log, a bag of sharpie markers, and a bunch of duckies and ducky eggs decorated by cache visitors.   All washed away in the flood….

(Photo by Tundra Wolf)

BUT, imagine our surprise when we hid the The Empty Nest and found The Hatchery back where it started, sort of.  Some anonymous person found it and returned it to the tree beside its previous location.  The contents were a bit damp and mildewy, but the film in the camera was mostly salvageable and MaMa Ducky was returned to the Ducky Pond.

There will be a new Hatchery some time next year.

Congratulations to Tundra Wolf for the First to Find on this cache.  (Thanks for the photos.)

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 21, 2011

1,000 Golden Beans (D431-859)

Created by Craig for El Fartero’s Golden Stinker on December 3, 2011.

The cache is a golden ammo can stuffed with golden sparkly swag in celebration of El Fartero’s 1,000 geocache finds.

La Vaca Verde, El Fartero's better half

The cache container was created and stocked by by La Vaca Verde and the cache was written up and hidden by Softball29.

* The original ducky was created in the field– but Team-Ducky had appointments to make and a hike back to the Ducky-Mobile…and in middle of the creation process, the golden paint marker leaked all over the ducky. So, we dropped the misfit ducky in the cache and allowed Tundra Wolf to virtually snarf it.  Then we made a new, proper ducky back at the Ducky-Pond and gave it to Tundra Wolf at the Ho Ho Ho event.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 20, 2011

Giving Ducky (D430-858)

Best Gifts: Equality, Peace, & Love

Created by Craig for The Giving Tree cache on December 3, 2011.  A very cool cache with a good theme, inspired by a horrible book.  (I much prefer this story…)

Congratulations to Wardrums for finding and adding the Giving Duck to his growing collection.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 19, 2011

Secret Weapon: Dad (D429-852)

Math Puzzle Cache? Sounds like a job for Team-Ducky's Secret Weapon!

Created by Cheryl for That ALGEBRA Cache on November 25, 2011.

...Secret Weapon: Dad (a.k.a. PaPa Ducky)

Team-Ducky makes a habit of avoiding most puzzle caches– but PaPa Ducky was visiting for Thanksgiving.

No ruler needed for these problems.

PaPa Ducky is a retired math teacher.  UU Jester and PaPa Ducky had the problems solved in no time at all.

Papa Ducky also likes Origami

The hardest part of the cache, other than climbing the hill back to Flash, was fitting the ducky into the cache.

Fortunately, PaPa Ducky knows advanced geometry and duckies are pliant students.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 11, 2011

How High? (D428-851)

Created by Craig for the Oneida County High Points multi-cache on November 12, 2011.  Chef Ducky and UU Jester (of Team-Ducky) brought their houseguest, and budding new cacher-to be, Kiya, along for a caching adventure with LCSM.  Part one of the cache is on the highest point in Oneida county.  The final cache is on the top of the 2nd highest point.

Chef Ducky and Kiya wait for UU Jester and LCSM to return with the smiley.

The hill was steep and the freshly fallen snow was messy and slick.  Kiya found part one (congrats!)  The climb down and up to the final as a bit too daunting, so Kiya and Chef Ducky returned to Vultan, the T-D Cruiser, while LCSM and UU Jester made the trek.

They left a friend to greet cachers on their return trip to the car.

LCSM snarfed the ducky for her growing collection.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 10, 2011

Dorothy Does The Twist (D427-846)

Created by Cheryl for Tornado Alley on November 6, 2011.

UU Jester tried to bushwhack to this cache, but that proved to be a very bad idea.

Release the Flying Monkeys!


Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 9, 2011

Munzee Ducky (D426-841)

"Not A Real Munzee"

Created by Craig for Just Around The Riverbend on November 4, 2011.

UU Jester was introduced to the new gps-based game, Munzee, that day and even logged a few of them.  Munzee uses GPS coordinates and  QR reader.

Munzees are interesting, but they aren’t replacing geocaching as our favorite hobby.


Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 9, 2011

Snipe Hunt (D425-838)

Ever gone on a Snipe Hunt?

Created by Craig for the DOAS Sanctuary Cache on November 4, 2011.

First, you need a Snipe call-- a whistle works well.

UU Jester was on a First-to-Find hunt that autumnal morning.

Then, you need someone to hold a net.

The Deleware-Otsego Audubon Society’s sanctuary on Franklin Mountain has many trails, a number of bird watching stations, and four geocaches.

Then, you go out in the woods, preferably at night, blow your whistle and throw your net.

UU Jester was happy to be the first to find, and even turned another DNF frown upside down.

With a little luck, you might just catch that wily Snipe!

Congratulations to Tundra Wolf for finding and successfully catching this Snipe Hunt ducky.  (Having a pack along helps…)


Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 8, 2011

Plucky Ducky XXII – Slipped (D424-830)

Created by Craig for A Really Old Cemetery on October 28, 2011.

"Plucky Ducky slipped on a mossy tombstone..."

Out caching with LCSM and spent way too much time looking for this cache.  We both slipped and fell on the tombstones and downed trees.

"...and let out a last dying moan."

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 7, 2011

Plucky Ducky XXI – The Poet (D423-829)

Created by Craig for the Mann Cemetery Cache on October 28, 2011.

"Poor Plucky Ducky fancied himself a poet..."

Plucky Ducky XXI the poet was inspired by the abundant poetical epitaphs in the cemetery.

"...Unfortunately, he had to expire before you'd know it."

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 7, 2011

Dimock “Hollow” (D422-828)

Created by Craig for the Dimock Hollow cache on October 28, 2011.

UU Jester and LCSM were out caching and enjoyed this stop along a river by a constructed waterfall.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 5, 2011

Roast(ing) Duck (D421-827)

Created by Craig for The Morris Crematorium on October 28, 2011.

Fortunately, the cache owner has an odd sense of humor and the cache wasn’t as titled.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 5, 2011

Scouting Friends (D420-824)

Created by guest artist, Lisa (LCSM), and Craig for Scout It Out on October 28, 2011.

LCSM works on her first signature ducky.

LCSM and UU Jester met up for a caching day trip after a light snowfall.

Lisa and her family are quite involved with the Scouts, so she felt inspired to make a scout  in ducky form.  (Our 2nd one, the first being D339 Ducky Scout by Cheryl.)

LCSM joins the small, but growing, ranks of Team-Ducky guest artists.  Welcome!

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 4, 2011

Watch Your Step (D419-823)


Created by Craig for Glenn’s Rest on October 25, 2011.


The cache was hidden off of a trail through a state forest park that was specifically designed for use by people with horses.  It was a good walk with a new caching colleague–but we did have to watch our step.

Cameo: Socks Ducky a.k.a. Rev. Douglas Taylor

(This is the last in a series of mis-numbered duckies.  It is is not #415 as numbered; it is really #419.)

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 4, 2011

A Duck in Hand (D418-TDC26)

Created by Craig as the First-to-Find prize for Team-Ducky’s 26th cache, A Duck In The Hand.

Even though we didn’t think the cache was THAT difficult to find, it took ~20 people searching the woods for ~hour to find it.

Congratulations to P.J. (Softball29) for actually making the find and adding A Duck In Hand to his ducky collection.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 3, 2011

Ducky Masquerade (D417-820E)

Created by Craig as a prize for the 2011 SITMC Halloween Cache Bash on October 22, 2011.

This year’s event theme was Caches in Disguise, so Ducky Masquerade is all decked out.

Ducky Masquerade was placed in the Trick-or-Treat Witches Caldron (the sign-in log for the event) along with signature items and swag from all the other attendees.  Congratulations to MrMacMan2U for winning the Cauldron and all the contents.

(This is another mislabeled ducky.  It says #416 on the bottom, but it is actually #417.)

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 2, 2011

Spy Ducky (D416-815E)

Created by Cheryl as one of the prizes for the SITMC Halloween Cache Bash 2011 on October 22, 2011.

The theme of this year’s event was “Caches in Costume”, so the spy ducky is in disguise.

Congratulations to Monet37 for winning the ducky in the Cauldron of Doom!

(This is one of the mixed up numbered duckies.  It says #415 on it, but it is actually #416)

Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 1, 2011

Duck Call (D415-TDC25)

Created by Cheryl as the First-To-Find prize for Team-Ducky’s 25th geocache hide, “Ducky Call“.

Congratulations to Irish Tala and Team-Frog for being the First-to-Find.  (Congrats to Irish Tala on getting their first ducky.)

SPOILER:  The ducky does provide a clue as to where part of this multi-cache can be found.

Unfortunately, this duck marks the start of a series of misnumbered duckies.

The ducky is labeled as D414, but it is actually D415.  (UU Jester apologizes for the mistake.)

Posted by: Team-Ducky | November 30, 2011

Quack and Bill (D414-814)

Quack and Bill went down the hill.

Created by Craig and Cheryl for Better Than The Golden Arches on October 15, 2011. find a gecache treasure.

The hillside was rather steep and treacherous leading to wide, fast-flowing river at the bottom.

Slipped on Rocks, but found the Box; Climbed up and then slipped for good measure.

The French King Bridge overhead was very busy and every car that drove over made loud noises.


Posted by: Team-Ducky | November 30, 2011

Molly the Boovine (D413-813)

Molly the Boovine sits atop Molly the Bovine

Created by Craig for Molly’s Cache on October 15, 2011.

Anyone need a pumpkin?

Molly’s Cache was located at Carter and Steven’s Farm Store, where Team-Ducky stopped on their way back to the Ducky-Pond from their vacation in Maine.

Part cow, part pumpkin--- very scary!

The farm stand was fabulous, with home-made ice-cream and bakery.  Even better, their are goats and a cow to feed in the back.

Molly communes with a fowl friend.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | November 30, 2011

EMT-D (D412-809)

Created by Craig for the EMS Patch Trading Cache on October 14, 2011.

The cache is located behind the garage of a local ambulance service by some geocaching EMTs.

It is a great concept for the cache and Team-Ducky applauds those who serve as EMTs

… unfortunately, the cache is also hidden next to a storage lot of port-a-potties.  If the ducky hadn’t been pre-made, Team-Ducky would have turned back before even stepping out of the Ducky-Mobile.   Peee-ewwww.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | November 29, 2011

Naturalist Ducky (D411-808)

Naturalist Ducky sits astride Millie the Milkable Cow

Created by Craig for A Naturalist’s Treasure on October 13, 2011.  A Naturalist’s Treasure is located behind one of the coolest stores Team-Ducky has had the pleasure of visiting, the Naturalist’s Notebook in Seal Harbor, Maine.

Naturalist Ducky hangs out with Halley

Halley was the friendly woman working behind the register at the Naturalist’s Notebook.  She was also the genius responsible for creating Millie the Milkable Cow.  Team-Ducky gives her two wings-up for her good nature, her great smile, and her support of geocachers.  If you stop in, tell her Team-Ducky says “Hi!”

Posted by: Team-Ducky | November 28, 2011

Pining for the Fjord (D410-807)

"Oh yes, the, uh, the Norwegian Blue..."

Created by Craig & Cheryl for the Somes Sound Picnic cache on October 13, 2011.

"Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, idn'it, ay? Beautiful plumage!"

Somes Sound Picnic is located in a city park owned by Mt. Desert in the middle of Acadia National Park.

"Well, he's...he's, ah...probably pining for the fjords."

The park is located on Somes Sound which is the only natural Fjord in the lower 48 United States.  (A very pretty view!)


Posted by: Team-Ducky | November 27, 2011

Osprey 800 (D409-800)

800 Geocaches found by Team-Ducky!

Created by Craig in celebration of Team-Ducky’s 800th geocache, Caching in on Birds, on October 12, 2011.

Caching in on Birds is a wonderful, large ammo can hidden in the middle of Southwest Harbor, Maine at a bird-themed museum, the Wendell Gilley Museum.

The cache was also the closest cache to our inn while we were in Maine on vacation, so that was fortuitous.

Osprey (photo © D. Roberson ; all rights reserved, from

Want to learn more about Ospreys?

Posted by: Team-Ducky | November 26, 2011

Quack! (D408-796)

Quack! poses in front of the Duck Pond

Created by Cheryl and Craig in celebration of their first cache found in Maine, “Quack Quack”, on October 11, 2011.

We were happy to find this ducky-themed cache after making a search on our iPhones.  The cache is hidden next to a permanent duck pond set up by a man in memory of his wife who liked to stop here to feed the ducks.  The pond is fenced in to protect the ducks and there is an automatic mechanical feeder for them.

Cheryl drew the scene and the ducks while Craig created the mallard head for the ducky.    Quack is currently MIA.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | November 26, 2011

Nature Ninja Ducky (D407-791)

Created by Craig as an homage to the avatar/symbol of TeamNatureNinja.

Nature Ninja Ducky was left in Gone Golfing? on October 9, 2011.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | November 26, 2011

Star-Bellied Sneetch (D406-786)

Created by Craig.  Originally intended for one of the caches on Star Island.

Unfortunately, in a spectacular demonstration of the the “don’t make duckies for specific caches before you find them” curse, Hurricane Irene came in and cancelled UU Jester’s trip to the island.

The Star-Bellied Sneetch was dropped in Hummer Haven instead on September 19, 2011, as part of a late-night FTF hunt.

Team Ark-ville found Hummer Haven and took the Star-Bellied Sneetch home on September 25, 2011.

Dr. Seuss' Star-Bellied Sneetch (from Maggie Williams Wanderer blog)


Posted by: Team-Ducky | November 26, 2011

Quack at First Bite (D405-TDC24)

Created by Cheryl as the first-to-find prize for Team-Ducky’s 24th cache (our 2nd night cache), “Things That Go Quack in the Night.”  His fangs and eyes glow in the dark!  Luckless won FTF honors (disproving her nickname…) at the 2nd annual SITMC Halloween Cache Bash and joined 23 others in  making the find that very evening.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | October 16, 2011

Podquacher (D404-TB19)

Sonny & Sandy of the Podcacher Podcast

Created by Craig.  Podquacher is Team-Ducky’s 19th Traveling Ducky, a tribute ducky to the Podcacher Podcast team.

The Podcacher Podcast Logo

The Podcacher Podcast is one of the most popular geocaching podcasts.  Sonny and Sandy (and their son, Sean) put out the weekly podcast that includes news stories, tips & tricks, milestones, and other stories and items of interest to geocahers.

Podquacher’s goal is to reach Podcacher Treasure Vault cache so it can join the Podcacher Podcast Team in San Diego, CA,  and eventually make it into the Podcacher Treasure Cache Coffee Table Book.

Sean, the youngest member of the Podcaher Team

Podquacher started its travels at the Ducky-Pond and was then placed in the Caching in on Birds cache in Southwest Harbor, Maine.  It is now on its way traveling west.  Can you help it get to the Podcacher Podcast Team?

Posted by: Team-Ducky | October 16, 2011

Don’t Bug Me! (D403)

Created for Craig as an addition to Team-Frog’s travel bug, Don’t Bug Me!

Team-Ducky found the Don’t Bug Me travel bug dog tag at the Breakfast Cache and Photo event on May 21, 2011.  The tag wasn’t attached to anything, so we decided to fix that.  First we had to find something fitting a travel bug of Team-Frog.

This froggy easter egg container seemed the perfect thing.  A few holes drilled in it, a chain threaded through, and then, of course, a ducky… but what kind of ducky to put inside a frog?

It appears that the froggy has swallowed a mighty big bug!  The newly remade Don’t Bug Me! travel bug is all set to be released at the next Stuck In The Middle Cachers event, the Halloween Cache Bash, on October 22, 2011.

Posted by: Team-Ducky | October 16, 2011

Clownin’ Around (D402-TB18)

Created by Craig, Clownin’ Around is Team-Ducky’s 18th Traveling Ducky.

The Traveling Duckies are proxies for travel bugs and geocoins, with the tracking number printed on the bottom of the ducky.

Clownin’ Around is part of a collaborative art project with YearBox by fellow geocacher (and colleague & friend) Rev_Mother.

Rev_Mother is making 365 homemade boxes using found materials.  The boxes are beautiful and evocative.  If Clownin’ Around gets to her  in Texas before she finishes the project, she will incorporate the ducky in one of her boxes.  (Maybe a geocache box– you never know…)

Clownin’ Around is also a tribute ducky, of sorts.  It is based on a specific clown, a graduate from the Barnum & Bailey Clown College

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