Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 26, 2011

Find the Smiley (D433-TDC28)

The classic (egg) shell game... which shell has the smiley?

Created by Craig as the First To Find prize for Team-Ducky’s 28th cache hide, “Another (Egg) Shell Game.”

One Smiley, Two Frowns... move the (egg) shells round and roun'

This cache is a replacement for the original (Egg) Shell Game, which was busted by the man.

Follow the Shel with your eyes and you'll claim the smiley prize.

The cache is made up of three identical magnetic reflectors, each attached to one of three identical road signs.  The trick is guessing which cache holds the log book.


Once a geocacher has made the find and signed the log, they can shuffle the containers and replace them so the next cacher can guess as well.

Conrgrats to Tundra Wolf for being the First to Find!

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