Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 21, 2011

Missing: MaMa Ducky (D432-TDC27)

(photo by Tundra Wolf)

Created by Craig as the First-To-Find prize for Team-Ducky’s 27th cache, “The Empty Nest.”  Published on December 17, 2011.

(photo by Tundra Wolf)

The Empty Nest is a cache placed in tribute to the best cache we have put out, The Hatchery, which was lost in the floods of 2011.  The 5 gallon bucket contained a camera, a large vinyl MaMa Ducky that served as the sign-in log, a bag of sharpie markers, and a bunch of duckies and ducky eggs decorated by cache visitors.   All washed away in the flood….

(Photo by Tundra Wolf)

BUT, imagine our surprise when we hid the The Empty Nest and found The Hatchery back where it started, sort of.  Some anonymous person found it and returned it to the tree beside its previous location.  The contents were a bit damp and mildewy, but the film in the camera was mostly salvageable and MaMa Ducky was returned to the Ducky Pond.

There will be a new Hatchery some time next year.

Congratulations to Tundra Wolf for the First to Find on this cache.  (Thanks for the photos.)

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