Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 11, 2011

How High? (D428-851)

Created by Craig for the Oneida County High Points multi-cache on November 12, 2011.  Chef Ducky and UU Jester (of Team-Ducky) brought their houseguest, and budding new cacher-to be, Kiya, along for a caching adventure with LCSM.  Part one of the cache is on the highest point in Oneida county.  The final cache is on the top of the 2nd highest point.

Chef Ducky and Kiya wait for UU Jester and LCSM to return with the smiley.

The hill was steep and the freshly fallen snow was messy and slick.  Kiya found part one (congrats!)  The climb down and up to the final as a bit too daunting, so Kiya and Chef Ducky returned to Vultan, the T-D Cruiser, while LCSM and UU Jester made the trek.

They left a friend to greet cachers on their return trip to the car.

LCSM snarfed the ducky for her growing collection.

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