Posted by: Team-Ducky | November 30, 2011

EMT-D (D412-809)

Created by Craig for the EMS Patch Trading Cache on October 14, 2011.

The cache is located behind the garage of a local ambulance service by some geocaching EMTs.

It is a great concept for the cache and Team-Ducky applauds those who serve as EMTs

… unfortunately, the cache is also hidden next to a storage lot of port-a-potties.  If the ducky hadn’t been pre-made, Team-Ducky would have turned back before even stepping out of the Ducky-Mobile.   Peee-ewwww.


  1. We grabbed EMT-D from a cache here in VA: It’s WILD! It’s WONDERFUL! II (TB Hotel) Too cute. We love the ducks that we have seen and plan on taking EMT-D to visit our cache: Duck.

  2. Now how did EMT-D get from ME to VA? That’s quite a jump. Glad you found him and enjoyed him, though.

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