Posted by: Team-Ducky | September 12, 2011

Geico’s Other Mascot D399-TB17

The Geico Geckos

Team-Ducky’s 17th traveling ducky, created by Craig as part of Geico’s Gecko Travelbug promotion.

Separated at birth?

Geico offered geocachers a free Gecko travelkin as long as they agreed to activate it and place it into a geocache somewhere.  An interesting form of advertising/promotion.

Sometimes, we can't tell them apart...

As is our custom, Team-Ducky doesn’t release most Travel Bugs, Travelkins, or Geocoins. Instead, we make a Traveling Ducky and put the number from the original on the ducky.  Then we give it “flight” in a geocache and hope for the best.  This one is a doppleganger, a copy or homage to something else.  You can follow the travels and adventures of Geico’s Other Mascot on his page.

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