Posted by: Team-Ducky | May 29, 2011

700 Caches of a Feather (D378-700)

UU Jester & Chef Ducky celebrate 700 geocaches found with Eagle.

Created by Craig and Cheryl in celebration of their 700th geocache found, For the Birds! on May 20th, 2011.

New York State Bird Conservation Area symbol

The cache was, appropriately enough, located in the Upper & Lower Lakes Bird Conservation Area.

The NYBCA Raptor celebrates with Team-Ducky.

It took a bit longer to find the cache than it should have, but eventually UU Jester made the grab.

A male Cardinal sings a congratulatory song for Team-Ducky.

Chef Ducky decided the ducky should have one bird celebrating for every 100 caches.  So, seven cachers of a feather.

The Blue Bird (NY's state bird) and a Wren join the party.

Can you find all seven birds and guess who drew each one?  Team-Ducky prizes to everyone who guesses correctly.

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