Posted by: Team-Ducky | May 22, 2011

Dublin n Delhi Ducky (D370-688)

Ducky depicts gazebo in town square of Delhi, NY (circa 1950)

Created by Craig for Dublin in Delhi cache on May 13th, 2011.

Ducky inspired by this image from the Saturday Evening Post from July 7, 1951.

Dublin in Delhi is an international exchange cache.

Blarney Castle, inspired by the swag in the Dublin in Delhi cache.

Normally, you are only allowed to hide a cache near your home area; but, if you are able of to get someone to to agree to be the caretaker of a cache, you can hide them anywhere.

Blarney Castle (picture from

With an international exchange cache, two people in two different countries agree to hide and be responsible for caches in their own country, that are then “owned” by the person in the other country.  Swag is provided by the owner of the cache.

An Apple for New York; a Four Leaf Clover for Ireland.

Dublin in Delhi is owned by Windsockers from Dublin, Ireland and was placed by Softball29 of Delhi, NY, USA.

Cache maintained by Softball29 of Delhi, NY, USA.

Softball29 owns International Cache exchange: Delhi in Dublin which is maintained by Windsockers.

(With Team-Ducky’s encouragement, Softball29 grabbed–not snarfing since he maintains the cache–the ducky and will be sending it to Windsockers.)

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