Posted by: Team-Ducky | May 19, 2011

Golden Doggy Ducky (D366-TDC20)

Created by Craig as the First To Find Prize for Team-Ducky’s 20th cache, ZaZou’s Golden Ammo Can.

In some parts of the world, including upstate New York (Team-Ducky’s caching area), geocachers that have found 1,000+ caches are honored by their caching pals with a special hide, a Golden Ammo Can.

ZaZou, the Awesome Aussie Geo-Dog

Our caching pal, Tundra Wolf, along with his faithful canine companion, ZaZou, have managed to find 2,100+ geocaches in the last three years.  Tragically, ZaZou died in December of 2010.  In honor of ZaZou, Team-Ducky put out ZaZou’s Golden Ammo Can.

Tundra Wolf, Jewel, and Luna find ZaZou's Golden Ammo Can

We unveiled the new cache and awarded it to Tundra Wolf at our First Aide Cache Event on May 14, 2011.  After the event, Team-Ducky joined Tundra Wolf, MrMacMan2U, and their pack (Luna, Jewel, and Meeka) for the steep climb to the hiding place of the tribute cache.

Tundra Wolf claims one of the First To Find prizes, the Golden Doggy Ducky.

Tundra Wolf made the find and enjoyed the doggy-themed swag (including a mini-picture album of ZaZou’s photos).  After some reminiscing and some heart-felt moments, Tundra Wolf grabbed his FTF prizes and Luna grabbed a swag item she wanted, and we all headed back down the hill for home.

Bye, ZaZou.  We remember you fondly and feel your loss.

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