Posted by: Team-Ducky | April 24, 2011

~12 of 12 (D345- Event 12)

PeaceDrums (a.k.a. WarDrums) & Team-Ducky

Created by Craig for the Breakfast, Cache and a Photo (or 12) event on March 12, 2011.

Luckless, Artfully Bare, & El Farterro

The event was inspired by the 12 of 12 project where on the 12th day of every month, people take 12 photos to showcase their day and then share them on-line.  (UU Jester and Chef Ducky started with the 12 of 12 project last year, but only made it a few months.)

Team-Frog, Devil Duckies Peter and Judy, Monet37, & SneagleEagle

The ducky was designed to represent snapshots of 12 (UU Jester miscounted and drew a baker’s dozen) of the cachers signed up to attend the event.


At the event, we used the ducky as part of a puzzle contest.  We challenged everyone to identify the “pictures” on the ducky and list the geocachers represented.

Team Ark-Ville

At least a dozen people tried for the prize (the ducky, of course) but only one team had all the correct answers.

Tundra Wolf & MrMacMan2U

Congratulations to Team-Frog for winning the challenge and taking home the ducky!

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