Posted by: Team-Ducky | April 17, 2011

Just a Ducky (D335)

Created by Craig for LLKD-23 Just a Cache as part of our Long Island event trip on February 13, 2011.

After 335+ duckies, it seems odd that this is the first time we’ve turned one of our albino blank duckies into just an ordinary, yellow, bath ducky– but here it is.   “Just a Ducky” was picked up by Jennkarita on the same day we dropped it.  A month and four days later, she headed up to Albany and traded Just a Ducky for the Ten Lords a Leapin’ ducky in the Your Basic Geocache.


  1. Cool ducks! It’d be fun to have one, but, alas, I’m in San Diego and you’re not. – Caching as W9JIM / Jim

    • Jim Doss,

      Thanks for the kind words, Jim. You never know, you could get one. We do travel and when we do, we try to leave duckies behind. Also, some people take our ducks and then leave them as swag in other caches. I know of a couple that have made it to California. And as a last resort, if you have a cool signature item– we could work out a traveling trade. We’ve sent out traveling duckies to cachers around the globe. Usually the are someone we know– but we could make an exception.

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