Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 12, 2011

Cache-a-Maniacs Guest Ducky (D319-TB16)

D319 Cacheamaniacs Guest Ducky

Created by Craig.  Team-Ducky’s 16th traveler, the “Cache-a-Maniacs Guest Ducky” is the ducky form of our Cache-a-Maniac’s Guest coin.

The Travel Bug Symbol (even if it is a geocoin proxy)

Team-Ducky was a guest on the Cache-a-Maniacs podcast for episode 202 (air date, November 20, 2010.)

Half of the Cache-a-Maniac Team - DarrylW4

The Cache-a-Maniacs, DarrylW4 and Firefly03, produce a weekly podcast.  Each episode includes a “candid, uncut interview” with a geocacher (or team of geocachers.)  DarrylW4 is an avid photographer.  The Firefly on the ducky has a glow in the dark tail, of course.

Half of the Cache-a-Maniacs - Firefly03

We had a great time on the podcast.  As a reward for being on the podcast, we were given a Cache-a-Maniacs Guest Coin.  The Cache-a-Maniacs Guest Ducky is trying to get to the Cache-a-Maniacs in Michigan, while meeting as many other Cache-a-Maniacs guests as possible.

You can follow the Cache-a-Maniacs Guest Ducky on the Traveling Ducks page.

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