Posted by: Team-Ducky | January 12, 2011

Eight Chicks a Milkin’ (D314-577)


On the eighth day of Cachemas...


Eighth of our 12 Duckies of Christmas created for the 2010 Ducky Christmas Cache Trip.  Created by Cheryl.


...Team-Ducky made merrily...


The Milk Chicks  made their first delivery to the Mid-City BS cache on December 25, 2010.


...Eight Chicks a Milking.

This was one of the more risque  of the 12 duckies of Christmas (and one of our favorites.)  On the face of it, the old song refers to just what it says, Milk Maids.  Young women who would work at the large manors, milking the livestock so the regular workers or owners could take a break and party.  On the other hand, the phrase “to go a milking” had a double meaning.  It also meant to have a romantic liaison or to get married.   They say, some young folks of the time would use “going milking” as a cover for other ways to celebrate the season… (Read more here.)


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