Posted by: Team-Ducky | January 9, 2011

Six Geese a Layin’ (D312-574)


On the sixth day of cachemas...


Sixth of the 12 Duckies of Christmas from our 2010 Ducky Christmas Cache trip.  Created by Craig.


...UU Jester made to see...


Left to “nest” in the Welcome to Coeyman’s Landing cache on December 25th, 2010.


...Six Geese a Layin'.


There was a large flock of geese on the water by the cache site, so the ducky should feel right at home.


Some more of Team-Ducky's models for the 12 Duckies of Christmas.




  1. This little guy is resting comfortably in Rensselaer. Snatched him out of his home in
    Coeyman’s Landing. He was alone, cold, and afraid. Doing much better now. Will get some pics out so you know for sure.

  2. Update: placed this guy in new cache of mine in 2011 (Rustin’ Duck GC2WYDC). He was the FTF prize. Although I wanted to keep, I just had to
    spread the Team Ducky love. To find this duck one must find the FTF of my cache. Good luck.

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