Posted by: Team-Ducky | January 9, 2011

Five Gold Ringed-Necked Pheasants (D311-570)

On the fifth day of cachemas...

The fifth of our 12 Duckies of Christmas from our 2010 Ducky Christmas Cache trip.  Created by Craig.

...UU Jester made to see...

The Five Gold Ring-Necked Pheasants were “released into the wild” at the Cohotate Pond Cache on December 25th, 2010.  (It was a wonderful nature walk with great trails.  We actually grabbed two caches there and had our Christmas Picnic Luncheon in the parking lot.)

...Five Gold Ring-Necked Pheasants.

When Craig was first conceptualizing the duckies, he thought immediately of ring-necked pheasants for the five golden rings verse.  He was quite surprised to discover how close he was to the original meaning of the song.

One of the models Team-Ducky employed for the creative process....

Ring-Necked pheasants were considered offspring of the Golden Birds of Greek myths and were considered to be game birds of royalty.  (UU Jester used to hunt pheasants with his father and still believes them to be the tastiest game bird he has ever had the pleasure of eating.)  The Five Gold Rings in the song actually do refer to the five ring-necked pheasants that nobility would have as a part of their 12th night feast.

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