Posted by: Team-Ducky | January 3, 2011

A Ducky Dung Christmas (D306-565)

"Yeth, I'm wearin a cloth pin. Why do you athk?"

An homage ducky created by Craig in honor of local cacher, El Farterro.  Originally created for his See Spot’s Runs cache, but that cache was too full to put the ducky into.  So, the ducky was “repurposed” for his Cache on the Rail cache and left there on December 22, 2010.

No, those only look like dung beetles. Obviously, they are cache beetles.

There was room in the cache this time for the ducky, but it didn’t stay there very long…

Guess what El Farterro is getting under his tree...

A caching buddy, Phisherman was already looking for the cache and wanted that ducky in the worst way.  (Obviously no sense of smell on the lad.)

Apparently, it isn't only Rudolph's nose that glows...

Sorry, El, but it looks like you will have to talk to Phisherman about your Christmas ducky.


  1. El Fartero is truly honored & humbled by this noble tribute, and feels it is high time proper respect was paid to his silent partners, the Dung Beetles, or Scarabaeoides for short, whose keystone role in our planet’s ecosystem has gone unrecognized for too long! Why, if the Dung Beetles were to go on strike for just ONE DAY, the world would be brought to its knees (that is, if we could even FIND our knees!) In ancient Egypt this esteemed invertebrate was venerated above all things–even above such luminaries as Pyramid Hilton, Miley Obelisk, and Lady Adder (OK, so maybe not Lady Adder…)

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