Posted by: Team-Ducky | October 29, 2010

Doc Drake Branta (D286-TDC19)

Doc Drake Branta (Director, Cryptid Capture and Containment Center)

Created by Craig as the First-To-Find for our 19th cache, M.I.A. Doc Drake Branta.

Doc Drake Branta, what happened to your lab coat? Is that blood?

M.I.A. Doc Drake Branta is a Puzzle Cache.  The good doctor is missing and visitors to the brand new Cryptid Capture and Containment Center are invited to help find him.

My, my, Doc Drake Branta, what green, furry ears you have.

The clues to Doc Drake Branta’s whereabouts can be found in the five T-D C.C.U. caches on the C.C.C.C. grounds.  Intern Bob has left the clues he discovered in his search for other to follow in his footsteps.

Of course… no one has heard from Intern Bob for a while, either…

Every Team-Ducky cache has a ducky theme in the name… and Doc Drake Branta is no exception.  Bonus points to anyone who can figure out the hidden reference.  (No fair if we told you…)

Four caching teams were first-to-find on this one, but no one is owning up to taking Doc Drake Branta home … which leaves us with some questions.

Did they find the Doctor or Intern Bob?
If one of them does have the Doctor, how long before they find themselves in a situation similar to Intern Bob’s?
Until we know which of them has been exposed to the Doctor, are any of them (or us) safe?

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