Posted by: Team-Ducky | October 21, 2010

Rocking the Goat Sucker (D275-TDC14)


Chupacabra on the prowl!


Created by Craig and Cheryl as the FTF prize for Team-Ducky’s 14th cache, “T-D C.C.U. – Chupacabra,” one of six caches in our Cryptid Capture & Containment Center series.  (The series was placed as part of our first event, the SITMC Halloween Monster Cache Bash.)


Oh No! Run, goat, run!


Chupacabra” supposedly means “Goat Sucker” and the Chupacabra is rumored to feed off of the blood of farm animals.  The “Rocking The Goat” part of the ducky’s name is in honor of some nearby cachers, Rocking the Goat, who have thousands of finds.


Team-Ducky is on the job!




  1. Have some of “Rocking the Goat’s” swag, so I was cracking up when I saw this duck as my prize!!

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