Posted by: Team-Ducky | October 21, 2010

Rhinelander’s Pride (D279-TDC16)

Created by Craig as the FTF prize for our 16th cache, “T-D C.C.U. – Hodag,” one of five monster-themed caches in the Cryptid Capture & Containment Center series.  Placed for first event (as hosts), the SITMC Halloween Monster Cache Bash.


"Rhinelander, Wisconsin"


The Hodag is a cryptid unique to Wisconsin, specifically to the Rhinelander area.


"The Heart of Hodag Country"


The Hodag is a big thing in Rhinelander.  There are Hodag festivals, a Hodag statue– the high school mascot is the Hodag.


A slightly larger than life-size representation of the Hodag.

(All of the other cryptids we used for our C.C.C.C. caches are mythical and/or hoaxes.  The Hodag is real.  We know, we’re from Wisconsin.  Like the ducky, we have the cheesehead hats to prove it.)


Not just another tall Hodag tail.






  1. Thanks for the FTF prize. He is in my flock!

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