Posted by: Team-Ducky | September 29, 2010

Devil Duckies Just Married (D251-480)

Two Devil Duckies standing in the trees...

Created by Cheryl and Craig in honor of the Devil Duckies Peter and Judy’s wedding.

Chef Ducky helped with decorations and planning.

They chose to get married on the King’s Walk, a place they discovered while caching with Team-Ducky on Christmas Day, 2009.

UU Jester had the honor of officiating the ceremony.

After the wedding, the Devil Duckies, Team-Ducky, and Softball29 headed to the top of the hill and did the new cache there, Cherries Jubilee – RCS Class of 2017.

Emma and Ella, the Devil Ducky Doggies, were there in spirit.

The ducky was dropped in the cache on August 12, 2010– but it didn’t stay there for very long.

(Ducky photos courtesy of Softball29.)

Congratulations, Devil Duckies Peter and Judy!

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