Posted by: Team-Ducky | September 1, 2010

Ducky Adrift (236-TDC7:2)

Created by Craig & Cheryl (we think) for the FTF prize for our replacement cache for A Ducky Dead End 2. Our first cache at this location was a magnetic keyholder on a reflector sign at the end of this dead end road. Then, one day, someone came and ripped out that sign, found the cache, opened it, threw the log into the post-created hole, and took the cache with them. We were a bit befuddled by this– took the log and replaced the cache, moving it to a different location nearby.

We had a specific container in mind for this new cache hide and this ducky was created with that hide in mind. When we actually placed the cache, however, we changed our minds… That container will go out some other time. This was our first time dealing with the question, “Do we make a 2nd FTF ducky for the same cache when we replace it?” The answer? Yes, but only if the cache is significantly different in some way. Since both the container and the location were significantly different, this cache got a new FTF ducky. (Which was snagged by Art Fully Bare.)

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