Posted by: Team-Ducky | August 24, 2010

R.I.P. Plucky Ducky XII – Fleur de Lis (D231-449)

R.I.P. Plucky Ducky XII 6-30-10

Created by Craig & Cheryl for WSQ Pleasant Cemetery – A Sesquicentennial Cache on 6-30-10.

(cameo: Craig)

“Here lies Plucky Ducky the 12th;
Who was sadly lacking in stealth…”

(Cameo: Craig)

“…Tried skipping and failed…”

(cameo: Craig)

“…And was quickly impaled…”

(cameo: Craig)

“…A Fleur de Lis was the end of his health.”

R.I.P. Plucky  Ducky XII was inspired by the Fleur de Lis adorned fence surrounding the founding family buried in the middle of this cemetery.

DEFINITION:  WSQ stands for Wisconsin Spirit Quest.  Different areas of the country use different abbreviations and terms.  In Wisconsin, they use WSQ to denote a cemetery cache.

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