Posted by: Team-Ducky | August 22, 2010

Wonder Ducky (D228-446)

Wonder Ducky close-up (courtesy of Jess)

Created by Cheryl for our pal, Elizabeth.  Dropped in Exit 88 – Osseo Travel Bug Hotel, so the C-Clan could snarf it.

Wonder Ducky & Golden Lasso (courtesy of Jess)

The C-Clan (J&J) were going to see Elizabeth in Chicago where they would affect another cache-exchange of the ducky.

Wonder Ducky is on top of things, Scarlett.

Unfortunately, the plan didn’t quite go as planned, and Wonder Ducky ended up headed back to the C-Clan’s secret lair in New Mexico.

Wonder Ducky and Scarlett Keep a Look Out.

The whereabouts of Wonder Ducky and her new Feline Sidekick are unknown….

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