Posted by: Team-Ducky | August 5, 2010

Test Subject #220 (D220-429)

Created by Craig for Site 25 on June 14, 2010.  One of the creepiest cache descriptions we’ve ever experienced.

“This cache is hidden at the former location of a facility where grotesque genetic and viral experimentations were conducted on subjects during the Cold War, Site 25. Some say the subjects were animals, others say they were human. One can only wonder and speculate.”

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to have affected the ducky we found/left there.


  1. We are new to geocaching as in first time out just learning the ropes today new. We took the kids out for “treasure hunting” to see if we all would like the experience. Needless to say we loved it. Anyway, in our second cache we found “Test Subject 220” D220-429!

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