Posted by: Team-Ducky | July 9, 2010

Stuck in the Middle Geocachers at ASP Geobash V (D203-407)

The new Stuck In The Middle Geocachers icon!

Created by Craig for ASP Geobash V in honor of the Stuck in the Middle Cachers who were at the bash.

UU Jester

Left in Team-Ducky’s first Wherigo cache, Wherigo ASP Old Zoo Tour, on May 22, 2010.


Team-Ducky was checking out the ASP gift shop when we ran into the Ferreteers, Softball29, BHouston21, and a bunch of other cachers.

Chef Ducky

Team-Ducky tagged along for the Wherigo and helped find the cache.


Six of the Stuck In The Middle Geocachers were at the bash;  GPSBarb and Little Turtles were there but weren’t present for this one.


We had spent most of the first day of the bash and some of the afternoon with them, but missed them on the wherigo.

Little Turtles

(GPSbarb and Little Turtles have a new symbol/icon now.  Little Turtles drew it on the ASP Geobash V log sheet.  Next time, we put ’em on a ducky, we’ll use the new one.)

Lost & Found Mega Event with Groundspeak Lackey icon

Fittingly, the ducky was snarfed by an unofficial Stuck In The Middle Geocacher, and our Wherigo guide, the Lady Ferreteer. (though she forgot to put our hyphen in our name…)

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