Posted by: Team-Ducky | July 9, 2010

ASP Geobash V – Swimming (D204-E5)

The Duckies and Porky go for a swim during ASP Geobash V.

Created by Cheryl as part of our Allegany State Park Geobash V series.

The fish look on...

(You can tell it is one of Cheryl’s duckies by the details on the duckies, Porky’s inner tube, and the cute pig tails.)

ASP Geobash V - Swimming ducky with Vet Tech 03

We had a couple duckies left when we were getting ready to leave the geobash (we had to leave Saturday afternoon), so we decided to give a couple to some of the ASP Geobash staff that made our experience so pleasant.  Team-Ducky volunteered at the Raffle Table for an hour and had a blast.  Vet Tech 03 organized the table and did a fantastic job, so we gave this ducky to her.

(We plan to volunteer again next year!)

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