Posted by: Team-Ducky | June 9, 2010

The ASP Geobash V Flock!

The flock of duckies is ready for ASP Geobash V!

On May 21, 2010, Team-Ducky attended their first Mega(Mega) Event, Allegany State Park Geobash V.  In anticipation of this huge event, we started making duckies weeks ahead of time.  Normally, we create our duckies on-site when we find a suitable cache.  But for the event, we wanted to spend more time caching and less time making duckies.  (Plus, we can do cooler duckies if we have the time and a nice comfy chair to work in.)  All told, we created 31 duckies for the event.

"Found It!" and "Porcuduck" - The ASP Geobash V Raffle Duckies

We left for the event on Thursday, May 20th, in the mid-morning.   While it is only a 4 hour drive, we didn’t arrive until 6 p.m. or so.  We stopped every hour or so to stretch our legs and grab a cache or two.  We did leave a couple of duckies en route– but those were ones we made at the caches. (So that would be 31+2.)

We stayed at a B&B in Salamanca, just north of the park.  (While the stay was OK, and the hosts were decent– it wasn’t a place we would choose to return to.)

Friday night, we looked for a cache and found our first and only DNF of the weekend.  (Thought it had been muggled, but others found it later that weekend…)  Then we headed to the Red Garter, a highly recommended restaurant on the hill overlooking Salamanca.  The view was fabulous.  The food was a disaster and the service was shocking.  While they were kind enough to comp most of the bill, it was still not a pleasant experience.  Then we headed into the park for the first time.  It was gorgeous.  So many lakes and waterfalls.  We were so excited to be there.  We grabbed our first official ASPGV cache that night, getting our first FTF of the weekend.  Then we left the park and headed north for a couple of night caches in the McCarty Hill State Forest.  Another cache on the way home and then to bed…ready for the event to start the next day.

Friday, we headed into the park around 9 a.m.   We checked out the camp area and then went caching.  We got a second to find on a newly placed cache and another FTF on the new beaver cache.  Then we headed back to the event because UU Jester thought we were volunteering at the raffle at noon.  We grabbed a couple more caches near the camp and then headed to the event.  Turns out UU Jester had the day wrong, and Team-Ducky wasn’t expected until Saturday.  DOH!  Oh well, we took the time to sign the log (in our usual Team-Ducky style–they put Sharpie markers out with a blank canvas, how could we possibly resist???)  We ate some lunch, picked up our cool event coin (which will become a traveling ducky in the ASP Geobash VI travel bug race.)

Team-Ducky LOVES Sharpie Markers and ASP Geobash V!

After lunch we met up with our caching friends, GPSBarb and Little Turtles (we had run into them earlier at the Covered Bridge Cache), and headed to the southern part of the park to do the Oz series.  (We made a few wrong turns on the way, but eventually we got there.)  The caches in that series were fabulously done.  We had a blast doing them and even more fun creating the special Oz duckies for them.  The trail, to the end and back, was about 8 miles.  Afterwards we were tuckered out and headed north, but not before grabbing another cache and placing our 200th ducky  ON the way back north, we stopped at Kelly’s Restaurant in Bradford and had a FABULOUS dinner.  (Highly recommend the place and will likely return next year.)  We had planned to do more night caches that evening, but our legs were just too wobbly after hiking 9.5 miles.  We headed back to the B&B and got some sleep.

Bridal Falls, Allegany State Park

Saturday morning, we headed back into the park and hit the beautiful Bridal Falls cache and did our first Wherigo cache (thanks to the Ferreteers for leading the way.)  Then it was off to the group photo (we are on the left side of the photo wearing our custom white Team-Ducky hats.)  Then we worked our shift at the raffle table.  There were a lot of good prizes.  Chef Ducky won a camp chair.  Our duckies were very popular in the raffle.  (We’ll be sure to enter a couple in next year’s raffle, too.)  We had duckies to spare, so we gave two of them away to ASPG V staff.  (They were also well received–might have to do that again next year.)

After one last cache in the park with GPSBarb and Little Turtles, it was time to head home.  (UU Jester had to work Sunday morning.) Again, we tried to cache on the way back.  Creating one more ducky along the way.  (31+3)  Our final ducky of the day was dropped only  a few miles from the Ducky-Pond, arriving home after dark.  We came home with four of the duckies we left with (mostly the night cache duckies.)  Final tally, (27+3) 30 duckies released on the ASP Geobash V trip.

Looking forward to next year!

D170                    D169                         D183                    D184                     D185

D182                     D186                     D187                     D188                     D189

D190                      D191                      D192                     D193                   D194

D195                     D196                      D197                   D198                       D199

D201                        D200                  D202                      D203                     D204

D205                     D178                     D206                     D207                       D208

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