Posted by: Team-Ducky | May 26, 2010

Fair-Fowl Weather Friend (D172-373)

Sun + Rain = Rainbow?

Created by Craig & Cheryl for the Seward Fishing cache on May 8, 2010.  Team-Ducky was hoping to grab the FTF on this cache, but got a late start in the day (due to work) and lost out to Softball29.

The rain came down...but Team-Ducky had their galoshes.

When we arrived on site, the clouds were dark and foreboding.  As UU Jester stepped out to look for the cache, the clouds opened up, the winds picked up, and the rain pelted him hard.

Team-Ducky has an umbrella in the Ducky-Mobile. Always prepared!

Another car, filled with drift-wood seeking muggles, showed up as UU Jester was searching.  As he expanded his search area, the rain stopped, the wind died down, and the sun came out.  It really was a fair weather – fowl weather cache.  The muggles enjoyed learning about geocaching– and let us take photos of the ducky on the driftwood they found.

GPSBarb added another (Fair-Fowl Weather) Friend to her ducky collection.

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