Posted by: Team-Ducky | May 24, 2010

ASP Geobash V – Porcuduck(D169-E6)

One of our event duckies for the ASP Geobash V

Created by Craig for the Allegany State Park Geobash V.  One of two duckies we created for the Geobash Raffle.  The mascot for this year’s geobash is a porcupine and can be seen on the geobash wooden nickel.  We used the mascot on many of the special duckies we created for the event.  We sent the raffle duckies off to Vettch03 in early May.

Side view of the ASP Geobash V Porcuduck

The Raffle was great fun and Team-Ducky enjoyed working at it for an hour on Saturday.   Vettech03 organized the raffle brilliantly.  Every prize or collection of prizes was laid out on the tables with a number.  People could purchase a number of raffle tickets and choose to put them in the corresponding numbered bags for the prizes they wanted.  We were surprised and very honored to find that both of our event duckies got their own number/bag.  (No word yet on who won the Porcuduck.)

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