Posted by: Team-Ducky | May 18, 2010

Old McDuckald (D167-367)

Created by Craig for Old McDuckald had a duck… on May 3, 2010.

Preacher Ducky and Judy's Devil Ducky

Old McDuckald had a duck…” was created and placed by Softball29 as a tribute to challenge to Team-Ducky and the Devil Duckies, Peter and Judy.

Great Pumpkin Ducky and I Can Haz Cacheburger

The puzzle cache (Team-Ducky is not fond of puzzle caches) is based on some of the many T-D duckies that Softball29 has bagged.

Irish Ducky, Golden Devil Ducky, Snow Miser, FTF Devil Duckies

To solve the puzzle, you have to use this blog to track down the duckies and their numbers. (The Ducky List is very helpful for this. So is Softball29’s list of duckies on the Duck Hunters page.)

Happy Easter Devil Duckies and Great Pumpkin

After the cache was published, hits on Cachers of a Feather jumped greatly. The average hits per week had been 107, the week Old McDuckald was published, we had 827 hits.

If you have a question about the puzzle, the Old McDuckald ducky and the photos on this post may give you a clue.

GPSBarb grabbed Old McDuckald and brought him home to tend a ducky here, a ducky there, here a duck, there a duck, everywhere another duck duck.

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