Posted by: Team-Ducky | March 22, 2010

Ducky Poll – January 2010

Well, we’ve finally caught up.  All of the duckies we’ve made are on the blog.  Now we can expand the blog postings and update the other pages. Today, we are going to invite your opinion.  What were the best of duckies of January? Pick your top three favorites of the month and let us know in a comment. We’ll tally up the votes and post the winners in a week or so.

The contenders are:

Celebrating 100 Ducky •    Waitress Ducky •    Duckopoly •    Janus Ducky •    Penguin Ducky •    Christmas Lights Ducky •    Spookduckular •    Fitche’s Troll Ducky •    Avatar Ducky •    R.I.P. Plucky Ducky #5 – Sand Hill •    Dam Fine Ducky •   I do! I do! Ducky •    Skyline Ducky •    First Aid Ducky •    Beacon Ducky


  1. I vote for avatar ducky

  2. Many great ones to choose from. I like skyline ducky, christmas lights ducky, and duckopolly, and waitress ducky – very cute. but I like the hat on celebrating 100, so that’s my vote.

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