Posted by: Team-Ducky | March 20, 2010

Spring Eggs

Three Spring Ducky Eggs.

Team-Ducky doesn’t just do custom duckies.  Sometimes, when they are in a hurry or a ducky won’t fit, they leave a ducky egg instead.  They ducky eggs are custom decorated, but they aren’t named, numbered, or dated.  (They are Duckies to be, after all.)  Our first cache is specifically designed to be a Ducky Egg repository.  When people find it, they are encouraged to take an egg.  When the cache gets low, we have to fill it up again.  Because this is a somewhat regular occurrence, we usually decorate the eggs with whatever seasonal theme presents itself.  UU Jester created the three ducky eggs pictured here (yes, there are only three, we edited the photo to give both the fronts and backs in one shot).  It being Spring, two have a St. Patrick’s Day flair and one has Spring flowers and a butterfly.

If we don’t have any duckies to post and nothing else pressing, we might post the occasional photos of Ducky Eggs.


  1. Soooo. I love the idea of the ducky eggs. Totally creative 😀

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