Posted by: Team-Ducky | March 19, 2010

Groovy Peace Ducky (D131-290)

Peace, Love, and Geocaching...

Created by Cheryl for The Lost Peace 2 on March 15, 2010.  Our final cache of our Ithaca trip.  We’d passed this cache by (and even stopped by it) a handful of times; this time UU Jester went and grabbed it.    The dark, blurry photo really doesn’t do the ducky justice.

Groovy Peace Ducky is chillin’ out in The Lost Peace 2.


  1. It’s too bad the cache near our May 4 memorial isn’t bigger for this little duck to fit into. The hippies would love him 😀 lol

    • The Woodstock cache would be perfect for it.

  2. Spotted this lonely duck near Unadilla. Since we haven’t had much luck hunting snipe lately, we decided we’d try duck instead. 😉 Since she’s a groovy duck, we thought we might carry her out to VT where she can meet other groovy peace loving folks. Thanks!

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