Posted by: Team-Ducky | March 16, 2010

Fallin’ for Ithaca (D128-277)

Vista Ducky or Ugly Duckling?

Created by Craig for Gorged on March 8th, 2010.  Gorged was our 9th cache of the Ithaca Cache Day trip.  The cache is hidden in a small park below Ithaca Falls.  Craig tried to capture the view in ducky form.  The sun shines on the top of the ducky’s head; the green metal bridge over the falls is across the ducky’s neck; water cascades down his chest on either side of a large rock and in between the tree studded rock walls.

Ithaca Falls from the lower bridge.

Fallin’ for Ithaca is checking out the view in Gorged.  NOT

Turns out, Fallin’ for Ithaca was NOT in Gorged.  What Team-Ducky thought was the Gorged cache, was actually a Letter Box hide.  Letter-boxing is a hide-n-seek game similar to geocaching, only it is story-based rather than GPS-based.  Also, every Letterbox has a unique stamp in it and people use the stamp to mark their own Letterboxing journals (most Letterboxers have a unique stamp of their own and mark the log in Letterbox they find with their stamp.)

Anyway, turns out there is a Letterbox ~50′ from the Gorged cache.  And Team-Ducky found it.  UU Jester managed to overlook the small stamp that was in the lock-n-lock container (a sure indicator you have found a Letterbox and NOT a cache.)  Softball29 found the real Gorged cache and wondered:

a) why wasn’t Team-Ducky in the log book, and
b) how could they possibly fit a ducky in the large small pill bottle, and
c) where the heck was the TD Ducky?

He called UU Jester and UU Jester described what we found and where. Softball29 went and found the Letterbox and retrieved the wayward, and confused, Ducky.  What do you know, our first Letterbox Ducky.


  1. Haha 🙂 Awesome! Loving the sun on ducky’s head.

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