Posted by: Team-Ducky | March 12, 2010

A Knight’s Tail (D124-TDC3)


This post contains information about the location of a Team Ducky Cache.
You have been warned.

A Knight's Tail...

Created by Craig as the First to Find prize for Team-Ducky’s 3rd cache, It Was a Duck and Stormy Knight.

Craig experimented on one of the misfit ducks to determine the best way to create a suit of ducky armor.  On the test ducky, Metallo, the metallic silver marker with the silver glitter glue highlights seemed to be the most “shiny armor”-like.  Unfortunately, when A Knight’s Tail was completed, the effect was a little less armor-y and bit more bling-y than intended.  Oh, well.

A Knight's Tail's tail.

It Was a Duck and Stormy Night and A Knight’s Tail are literary (and knight) themed due to the the cache being hidden in a 20′ tall knight figure in front of a used book store.

A Knight’s Tail was awarded to Monet37 who made the find at our Birthday Cache Bash.

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